Vincent Audio KHV1-pre Headphone/Pre Amplifier - silver

General Information

Vincent's 'Class A' KHV-1 hybrid vacuum tube headphone amp delivers the perfect combination of the warmth and detail of tubes along with the power and control of solid state circuitry. It truly delivers the best of both worlds. And in addition to its superb service with 'phones, the KHV-1 also functions nicely as a preamp. A front-panel headphone jack and a high-quality volume control let a headphone wearer experience Vincent's audio bliss. A rear-panel pair of RCA inputs for CD players plus a pair of RCA Auxiliary inputs team up with the CD / Aux button on the front. A pair of RCA outputs allows the Vincent to do admirable duty as a preamp. So connect that state-of-the-art power amplifier and enjoy the liquid sound. The precise, stabilized proprietary power supply delivers the purest sound without a hint of distracting noise or hum, allowing the subtlest details of your program material to shine through. A front panel window gives you a peek at one of the KHV-1s dual 12AX7B vacuum tubes. A rear panel switch lets you dim or turn off the display.


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