General Information

Maven - 300250.gif
Utilizing techniques only made possible with the latest in 3D-printing technologies, our all-new ultra-thin titanium housing’s micro-structures creates and extremely durable shell while maintaining an incredibly light weight and intricate face plate design.

To create the Maven, Unique Melody developed new unique driver technologies in collaboration with Knowles and Sonion to create customized drivers exclusively designed for us to create the best sound possible out of our products. The semi-open tuning unit gives UM the power to tune the Maven to a sharp degree of precision, allowing for a more natural and correct tonality.

Frequency response range: 20Hz-25KHz
Sensitivity: @1KHz 108dB
Impedance: 26Ω
Driver Count: 11BA
Crossover: 4-way crossover system
Driver Configuration: 4 low + 2 mid range + 4 high +1 custom semi-open tuning unit


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