Luna was tuned to a reference sound signature — deep and natural imaging, even and smooth from top to bottom, and maximized for extension at both ends. The result is the most supremely detailed, transparent, sumptuous sounding earpiece ever crafted by Dunu. Specifications FREQUENCY RESPONSE: 5...
  2. Dunu DM-480

    Dunu DM-480

    Frequency Response Range: 5 Hz - 40 kHz (HI-RES Certified) THD: < 0.5% at 1 kHz Sensitivity: 105±2 dB at 1 kHz Resistance: 20 Ω Resin shell with 2x 8mm titanium coated dynamics in an isobaric push configuration. 7.8mm 2 pin SPC cable, sourced from Taiwan.
  3. Solar1971

    Dunu DM 380 impressions.

    Hey guys. I’ve been looking at these for a little while. interesting because of the triple DD Config. 5mm 5mm 6mm I’ve only found a few reviews. Does anyone here have any first hand experience with them? They are about 50$ but I can’t find them on eBay. Only Allie express. And I’m sort of...
  4. Morphious

    SOLD - Final Audio Lab 1 - Ultra Rare - Price Drop

    Hello, I have a pair of Final Audio Design (FAD) Lab 1 ultra rare for sale. Used: infrequent use while traveling, with light ware only on plug housing. Perfect working condition. Everything is inside, including the beautiful packaging, certificate and all the tips. Local site review ...
  5. DUNU DM-380

    DUNU DM-380

    Frequency response 20-16Khz output sensitivity 100 +/- 5dbs microphone sensitivity -45 +/-5dbs Resistance 16 Ohm +/-15% Rated power 2mW Fixed 3.5mm jack with mic High purity Oxygen free Silver plated copper wire. 3X titanium coated micro drivers. 6mm for mids to lows, 2X 5mm for highs.
  6. Dsnuts

    DUNU DM-480, DM-380 impressions thread

    So I am starting this thread as I feel there will a following for these earphones from DUNU. First there is the DUNU DM-480 RP $69 Some specs on the DN 480: Frequency Response Range: 5 Hz - 40 kHz (HI-RES Certified) THD: < 0.5% at 1 kHz Sensitivity: 105±2 dB at 1 kHz Resistance: 20 Ω Resin...
  7. gregrob20

    1more Triple Driver Headphones

    These have barely any play time on them and function perfectly. Z liked these a lot, Tyll had good things to say. They have really nice imaging and fun sound signature, great bass. Asking 135 obo shipped in US / paypal.
  8. Tex Irie

    For Sale: Audeze EL-8 Titanium [SOLD]

    I have a pair of Audeze EL-8 Titanium in excellent condition with the original packaging and accessories. Please PM me to make an offer.
  9. Tex Irie


  10. Unique Melody Mirage

    Unique Melody Mirage

    Don’t be fooled by the “mere” 3 drivers that are core to the Mirage’s design. Utilizing a unique customized open driver for its mid range, the Mirage offers formidable performance despite its smaller stature. With the same 3D-printed ultra-thin titanium shells as the Maven, albeit with a...
  11. Unique Melody Maven

    Unique Melody Maven

    Utilizing techniques only made possible with the latest in 3D-printing technologies, our all-new ultra-thin titanium housing’s micro-structures creates and extremely durable shell while maintaining an incredibly light weight and intricate face plate design. To create the Maven, Unique Melody...
  12. Audio-Technica ATH-AP2000Ti

    Audio-Technica ATH-AP2000Ti

    53 mm TrueMotion driver Detachable cable (finally) Extra Thick Pads Carrying Case More info in Japanese
  13. FranTBW

    FS: The Audio Session's MyAudio Session personalised APT-X bluetooth headphones

    Selling my brand new MyAudioSession bluetooth headphone, a solid piece of kit! u shaped tuning, immense resolution, and a tunable personalised sound profile that you can turn on and off freely, it's a fantastic pair of wireless cans if you need one for the gym or for convenience. Retails at...
  14. G_T_J

    FS: Aurisonics Rockets Titan

    Excellent condition - lightly used and well-maintained. This is the NON-mic version and comes with all original accessories plus the waterproof case. Paypal fees and postage on me - UK Will consider posting to major EU destinations.
  15. gotoma8

    [FS] Audeze EL-8 Titanium w/ Cipher and 3.5mm cables

    Hi, I have a rarely used "refurbished" Closed Back EL-8 Titanium with Cipher and 3.5mm Cable. I am looking to sell but if someone had an IEM, I'd be open to a trade. Thanks
  16. 3stun

    Flare Audio R2 PRO

    Perfect condition, no issues. Includes the earphone, 2 sealed pairs of Comply, carry case & box. As seen in photos. Getting rid of my collection, for some reason don't feel that passionate and "audioholic" anymore. Make sure to check my other stuff! Will consider trades for closed cans of...
  17. Chudalicious


    Hardly used but need to sell as my HP collection has expanded too much. Great for the office or travel, they provide a really nice sound and great passive isolation. Comes with both the lightning cable and the default 3.5mm, all original packaging materials and documentation. Paired with an...