UMi Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4.1 with 24-Hour Playtime, 10W Dual-Driver, Built-in Microphone, Enhanced Bass for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexu

General Information

Description: Music Everywhere With the Ultra-compact you can easily put the speaker into a bag, backpack and just go. Elegant Design suits for different locations. Superior Stereo Sound The dual 5W drivers(total 10W) provides enhanced bass and high-fidelity audio. Small body, big Sound! Bluetooth 4.1 Connectivity The latest Bluetooth 4.1 maximize device compatibility and very easy to pair with smartphones, Tablets, TVs and all other Bluetooth equipped devices. Charging easily You can use most USB power sources, like power adaptor, a laptop or car charger to charge the speaker. No matter at home or on the road, charging will never be a problem. Certificate:CE,Rohs What's Included: 1 x UMI-BTS3 Bluetooth Speaker 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable 1 x 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Cable 1 x User Manual Warranty We provide an 18-month warranty.

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Pros: Great looks. Super easy to use. Sounds good.
Cons: It doesn’t really have any.
UMI-BTS3 Portable Wireless Speaker Quick Review by mark2410
Thanks to UMI for the sample.
Full review here
Brief:  Pretty black sleekness.
Price:  £26 or US$35
Specifications:  Output Power: 10W (5W*2) S/N: 75dB Frequency Response: 80Hz-20 KHz Power Supply: Lithium battery or USB cable Audio Source: iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, PC, Notebook, MP3, MP4, etc Function Spec.: Wireless, Microphone, Line-in Size: 180mm x 56mm x 69mm
Accessories:  1 x Micro USB Charging Cable, 1 x 3.5 mm Stereo Audio Cable, 1 x User Manual
Build Quality:  It would appear to be excellent.  The top and bottom are all rubber clad and the mesh grill is all metal.  Of course that rubber could be hiding things but if feels excellent in the hand.
Aesthetics:  Not that I’m suggesting looks should really matter that much but…. it is damned good looking.  All that matte black rubber coating, looks fantastic.  The thing just looks sleek as all get out.  I very much like it.
Battery Life:  The state 24 hours at 50% volume.  There was no way I was going to test that but that seems extremely a high figure to me so I have a certain scepticism but in use it lasted ages so maybe its accurate.
Sound:  Good:  They pleasingly quote the lower limit at 80Hz which seems more realistic than some claiming 20Hz.  Now the bass is not very low, the drivers are tiny and there is no way though could produce a real low end so it doesn’t try to dial up the mid bass levels.  It’s a bit boosted but nothing silly.  Thus I’m quite pleased with the quality of its output.  However it does make it a bit better suited to things that aren’t filled with bombastic thumping bass.  The mids are rather pleasing particularly in nicely simple melodies.  Clean and pleasing in its simplicity.  The treble is fine, a little dampened on the whole bit it does rise up if on axis.  Though again you probably don’t want to throw on a super heavy treble track any more than a bassy one.  Where drivers of this nature are at their best in in mid-range, nice, clean and simple.  It’s a good little effort too for what it is.  Something you could happily have gently and mildly playing away.  Then should a call come in it’ll act as a decent little speaker phone for you too.
Value:  Great.  Filled with lots of little attention to detail things, the NFC, the hardware on off switch, the rubber cladding, it all adds up to a great little gizmo and at just £26 you really can’t fault anything.  Not to mention it looks great and feels great in the hand.
Pro’s:  Great looks.  Super easy to use.  Sounds good.
Con’s:  It doesn’t really have any.


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