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Peter Pinna

1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: A well balanced frequency response across the entire spectrum, S-Logic effect, overall a captivating sound.
Cons: The headband could be improved so that it holds the designated position a little better.
I have owned the Ultrasone Pro 750 for approximately 6 years and to say that I am familiar with the sound of this particular headphone would be an immense understatement.
As a highly experienced listener to the Pro 750 I can readily assure all of the people who have written negative reviews about this headphone that there is something wrong with either the way you are using the Pro 750 (such as improper placement on the ears or faulty or inappropriate amplification) and not with the Pro 750 itself.  The only exception to this would be a case, a rare case, involving your having had a defective pair of the Pro 750 or possibly another type of rare case involving the particular listener having a "incompatible" pair of ears.
There will probably be not only those who claim to disagree with me but who also disagree vehemently.  I used to post on this website frequently approximately 2 years ago and I read many reviews of various headphones.  What these reviews taught me is that headphone preference is highly individualistic.  I remember one particular Head-Fi member who asked me to make comparisons of the Pro 750 to other headphones.  I answered that member rather vaguely simply because I did not want to insult those who preferred other headphones or argue with those who claimed that the Pro 750 has some type of offensive sound. 
Once again, I can attest from personal experience that merely by changing the position of the headphones on one's head thereby affecting the positioning of the cups on the ears dramatically changes a negative opinion of the sound of the Pro 750 to a very positive one relating to the aforementioned conditions inclusive of appropriate amplification. There is most definitely a proper way to wear the Pro 750 and that positioning on the head and ears could well be different from the position to which you are accustomed.
In my opinion, appropriate amplification for the Pro 750 is the most neutral "flat" response possible.  The Pro 750 will render a very realistic sound under the right conditions.  If your preference is to not hear what the recording producer and engineer intended you to hear, either listen to the Pro 750 with an amp that alters the sound or use a different headphone that either has a completely "flat" frequency response or one that alters the sound differently than the Pro 750 does. 
Whoa! What did you just read?!  Did Peter Pinna actually write that the Pro 750 alters the sound?  Yes, I did but the Pro 750 alters the sound in such a way as to cause what you hear through them to sound like "flat response" audio coming from recording studio monitor speakers in a controlled ("dead") room environment.   I used to have the mistaken belief that the Pro 750 were "flat" response headphones.  The reason I held this belief was because there was very minimal (hard to detect) difference between the sound coming from studio monitors in a controlled environment compared to the sound given by the Pro 750.   It was pointed out and exemplified to me that the sound of audio as one hears through the Pro 750 has to be altered to cause that sound to come across as what our ears hear as a "flat" response from an acoustically controlled room speaker.  Actual "flat" response from a headphone does not "sound" like a "flat" response as the sound would come from a speaker in a controlled environment. 
If you want to hear what an actual "flat" response headphone would sound like, go to a store that sells very small speakers and buy two of them.  Only buy speakers and not speakers in a housing. Put the speakers simultaneously by each ear and listen to some music played directly from the built-in amplifier of a sound source such as a phonograph.  It sounds dull and annoyingly "colorless" doesn't it?  Well, that's what a "flat" response headphone would sound like and that is the reason that "flat" response headphones are not sold generally to those who want to use them for music listening.   “Flat” response headphones are used in industries for only voice communication such as the Aviation Industry.
If you are able, take those two aforementioned speakers with you to a recording studio and have one of the engineers play some music for you. I suggest a classical piece played by a Symphony Orchestra. You might try Brahms “Double” Concerto for Violin and Cello in A Minor because there is a fairly wide spectrum of high and low frequencies in this piece of music. First have them play the music through their monitor speakers in their control room. The control / listening rooms in most professional recording studios are acoustically balanced so that there is no or extremely little resonance (an acoustically “dead” room) detectable.
Listen to their monitor speakers for awhile so that you become accustomed to the sound. Then have them turn off the monitor speakers and play the music through the two little speakers you brought with you. Hold the speakers next to your ears as if they are headphones. It sounds awful doesn't it? Once again, you would be listening to small speakers that are rendering a “flat” response. One reason they sound awful is because they are right next to your ear. Part of the reason the “flat” response monitor speakers sound so much better is because they are a distance from your ears allowing the sound that you perceive to be affected by and radiated off the pinna of your ears.
Next, ask the Sound Engineer to play the music through the monitor speakers again. Once again, become accustomed to the sound they produce. Then, put on a pair of well “burned in” Ultrasone Pro 750 headphones and have the engineer run the sound through them after turning off the monitor speakers. You will be amazed at how extremely similar your perception of the sound from Pro 750 is compared to the sound you heard from the monitor speakers. The audio coming from the Pro 750 sounds very similar to the audio coming from “flat” response monitor speakers in an acoustically controlled (“dead”) room.
The Pro 750 is an extremely revealing headphone. When properly worn and with the correct neutral amplification, through them you will hear musical detail you've probably never heard before. The sound textures are rich and vibrant. The high, middle and low frequency range is well balanced and very “alive” sounding. The realistic sounding music surrounds and captivates you as it plays beautifully through the Pro 750. Yes, let there be no misunderstanding, I am emphatically stating that the S-Logic effect is definitely heard from the Pro 750 and some recordings reveal this effect more than others.
If you are considering the buying of a headphone, I strongly suggest that you hear whatever headphone you are considering before buying it. Make a decision based on how your ears and brain perceive sound.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
Dan B
Fully agree. People with unpleasant experience may be having that sound from Ultrasone based on not driving them properly and not giving them time to run in.
They are low impedance headphones with metallic coated drivers. When driven by a headphone amp with insufficiently low impedance, the interaction will generate muddy bass and "ringing" in transients and overtones and that will be unpleasant and "Metallic!. I would recommend Schiit Asgard 3. NOT ever OTL valve amp. An NOT Teac, Sennheiser amp and similar high impedance SS designs.
Poor impedance coupling will create overbearing and muddy bass, metallic sound and piercing highs.
Very low impedance high current amp will makePRO750i sing. Try them with Schiit Asgard 3 for example, NOT Schiit Valve designs in any case.
You will understand. That applies to all Ultrasone designs, they require LOW impedance and plenty of current to really sing. And then they walk over many famous High End models.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Amazing clarity, detailed sound, awesome well defined bass/sub-bass
Cons: Ouch!!! that treble is so vicious

Ultrasone PRO 750 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones
Straight out of the box and I would say these headphones are really harsh, sound quality is not nice at all, lots of bass in there but really muddy & overall definition of sound is really poor, I think I like the sonic signature of these phones, the overall balance of sound is near what I’m seeking, just about the right quantity of Bass to Mid to Top’s (lol).
8 hours later, sound quality has definitely improved, still not good though!
20+ hours & they really have come a long way, the clarity is superb, I love the bass, plenty of it but never overpowering, you can immerse yourself in a sea of sub bass, the overall definition of sound is amazing, the stereo imaging and soundstage is impressive, I really want to like these headphones but  there’s a proviso, there’s way too much treble & at high volumes it can be rather painful, sharper than a razor blade the treble is so vicious. This could be a deal breaker?
40+ hours.......... For a set of headphones the ‘Ultrasone Pro 750 has some of the best Clarity & Detail imaginable, it has a slightly metallic sound to it which is not unpleasant. They are remarkably comfortable, the build appears to be of very high quality, the carry case is amazing, spare velvet ear-pads, 1 short cable  3.5mm stereo mini jack for MP3 players/phones, a longer coiled cable for professional use terminating with a 6.33mm stereo jack plug.
The Sub-Bass on these cans is phenomenal, I just love the bottom end on these cans, whatever device you plug them into you will be astounded by the bass & clarity. The low frequencies are so clearly defined and they don’t detract at all with the mids/highs. It’s close to listening to high end speakers. Most of the listening sessions were done using ALAC (Apple Lossles) files with an iPod connected to my Sony PHA-1 Headphone Amplifier/DAC,  a few hours listening to FLAC’s on my Hisoundaudio Studio-V. I tried several iPods on their own the bass even sounds powerful straight out of the iPod and they all sounded good un-amped (Shuffle 4G, Touch 4G + 5G,  iPod Video 5G, iPod Classic 7G + a Microsoft Zune 80gb). Some of the songs I’ve listened to sounded absolutely incredible, best I’d ever heard them. When the circumstances are right, the headphones are amazing performers, sometimes they sound like the best headphones I have ever listened to.
I’m really sorry about this part of the review, I thought that just maybe I had found a perfect pair of headphones, but things are not all good. These are one of the worst headphones I have ever listened to...... Sometimes (quiet frequently) ...... The treble is so vicious that at loud volumes I can only describe it as painful. At quiet volume the sound quality is ok but still not right. But, and a big but, once your turn up the volume you are immediately rewarded with torture, ear piercing treble/top-end, so far forward it takes away the enjoyment of the music, it’s really fatiguing and you find yourself lowering the volume, the frequencies are wrong on these, why have you done this Ultrasone? I wanted to love them so much, those beautiful basslines and the lovely clean detailed sound. At ear-splitting levels they still sound good but I can’t take the pain anymore. I’ve dusted them off, put everything back in the original packaging, 3 days of painful bliss over....
At 0.8m the cable is a little short, only good if you can keep your Music Player/Phone in a top pocket.
The left-hand side velvet ear-pad unscrewed itself and fell off several times.
Verdict: OUCH!!!!! If it wasn't for the 'Highs' I would have scored them well........... However.. In reality whats the point owning a pair of headphones if you can't wear them, I have gone for the no pain route.

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Completely agree! I am getting abuse about my review for the same reasons you have encountered! Glad I am not alone in my opinion of these.... :)


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Extremely detailed, tight and punchy bass, comfortable (velour), detachable cable, very good soundstage, accessories, very easy to drive, look great
Cons: Shortest straight cable in existence, highs can be too aggressive sometimes, aluminum cups can get scratched easily
I've had quite a few of Ultrasones, which include the HFI 580, HFI 2400, PRO 900 and the PRO 750. I prefer the 750 over all of these. They have a very balanced sound with amazing tight bass and an edge in the highs. Mids are very forward for an Ultrasone, though I find the highs to be slightly too aggressive and overbearing at times, though it's not as bad as most people say they are. It's a very fun headphone, without the bass drowning the music like the PRO 900 and the ultra recessed mids of the HFI 580. I also think they are very comfortable because of the velour padding and that they look badass. These are extremely easy to drive headphones, and I don't understand why people say these need a lot of power to run, as I can run it directly through my MacBook Air and get amazing results. Out of my EF2A amp, I don't hear much of a difference at all compared to unamped. I will buy a small E6 for these to maybe get a slightly louder sound out of my smartphone, but if you cannot afford an amp for these, don't worry, they run fine without one. I need to get a cable extender because the straight cable is very short. Comes with a sturdy carrying case, two cables (one straight, one coiled), a manual, a test CD and an extra set of velour pads. It's an amazing headphone, highly recommended.
The ear pads are not velour they are real velvet.


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