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The mobile Go captivates with its elegant black and silver design. These smart companions are adorned with high-quality aluminium plaques with an eye-catching diamond-cut logo on the ear cups. The Go was developed especially for iPods, MP3 players, other portable music sources and mobile equipment. You can wear the Go as a stylish accessory around your neck or fold it up in next to no time ready for transport. Thanks to the special folding technology, the Go requires minimal storage space.

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Formerly known as KingOfTheWild.
Pros: Braided cable with single button and mic
Cons: VERY cheaply manufactured product
DO NOT PURCHASE THESE HEADPHONES! My original pair were falling apart, so I arranged for a second pair to be shipped to me. Those started falling apart, so I just decided to be done with them and throw them away. I'm glad that I won them in an Ultrasone sponsored sweepstakes and didn't have to pay anything for them (although it wasn't cheap to send my original defective headphones all the way to Germany in order to get my replacement pair). I am not trying to trash Ultrasone as a company, they have lots of more expensive headphones with excellent reputations among audiophiles that I have not had the money or fortune to try. HOWEVER, these headphones are simply not in the same echelon as those.
nick n
nick n
Thanks for taking the time to post this up.
"S-Logic" refers to the driver not being directly across from your ears, and if your ear shape works with it it makes things sound more dimensional. In this case I imagine the driver is towards the bottom so not directly facing the ear. Your ear then collects the offset sound source and interprets it as wider coming from more places basically.
Not everyone can hear it that way though.
Do you find anything that stands out more then any other part of the sound?
Some easy ones to answer ( no pressure no pressure )
Are the highs bothersome at all?
Does the bass go very low?
Do vocals sound distant ?
or is everything sort of even across the board.
If these are titanium drivers they will likely take some time to work in you might ( or might not ) notice a slight improvement over time.
waynes world
waynes world
Thanks for the writeup. Bummer about the cracks. Have they gotten worse?
If you do come up with any more input regarding the sound, we're all ears!


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