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Ultrasone DJ1

  1. HybridBlinds
    EDM headphones, not an awful lot more
    Written by HybridBlinds
    Published Dec 21, 2013
    Pros - Excellent bass for those who like it, Great for EDM
    Cons - Bass may be a bit much for some, They don't exactly "shine" when it comes to rock or classical, Will become uncomfortable over extended listening
    I recently traded my ATM-50's since they unfortunately lost lower frequencies and started crackling in the left ear. So I thought "Why not try something different". I was looking for something to counter the con's of the M-50's, I wanted more bass, for all sorts of EDM, and better isolation as I was using them when commuting, and I believe I have found my alternative.
    Sound Quality:
    - Great bass for EDM, however, songs without bass being used as a main element will suffer in comparison to the M-50's or even HD-202's
    - Slightly recessed mids
    - Poor highs
    ( Bear in mind, whilst "Recessed mids and poor highs" might put some people off, everything is relative, so I still see this as a trade-off rather than just poor phones )
    - Good clamping force emphasises bass and increases isolation
    - Can become uncomfortable on the head after listening periods of over 2hrs
    - Don't have an option to rotate the cups inwards 90 degrees. only outwards, making them kind of awkward for one ear listening or wearing around the neck as they will either dig into your collar bone or into the side of your head.
    ​- They have a tendency to dip in bass in the left cup if you turn your head towards the left, and the same for the right cup if you turn to the right*
    - Also lose bass if you tilt or lean your head forward*
    *This just goes to show how much these headphones rely on isolation and clamping for their sound
    - Cheapo carry case, meh
    - CD with music (haven't listened to it yet, but I have seen on other reviews it is classical, which seems a bit odd considering that these don't exactly like non-bass oriented music)
    - Screw on 6.35 - 3.5mm adaptor
    - Information booklet and "Don't sue us if you do stupid things with them" papers
    They are a good pair of headphones for any commuter who likes a good bit of bass, they are comfortable enough to wear on a short journey, I walk for about 40 minutes each day there and back and haven't had issues. And the isolation is good to block out most street noises, which is more than can be said for the M-50's where I could hear people's conversations as they passed me. However they have a few issues with how they fit, given that moving your head in various directions can change the lower frequencies you hear in each ear. If you generally listen to any sort of music which uses bass as a forward element in the song, often using bass as a drum, rather than having synergy with the chords (most EDM music, trap, dubstep, electro house ect..)