Tronsmart Apollo Bold


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A great-sounding AirPods Pro alternative
Pros: Great sound, great ANC capabilities, great price compared to the Apple AirPods Pro's price.
Cons: Possibly some add-on hooks would be nice for better fitment.
Tronsmart Apollo Bold Review

Thanks in advance to Tronsmart for providing the Apollo Bold free of charge for the review.

This is a very good Bluetooth in-ear headphone with good noise isolation. You’ve got an earphone with a comfortable fit, a smooth, balanced sound with a nice bass lift to it, and what I enjoy probably the most out of it, the ANC. There’s a marked difference with or without ANC enabled, and having ANC enabled allows me to enjoy whatever I’m listening to without having to crank up the volume to really hear what the person is trying to say (usually works best for podcasts for me). The AirPods Pro is $249 and features 35dB hybrid active noise cancelling. However...the Tronsmart Apollo Bold retails for $99.99 and features not only active noise cancelling, but 6 mics for 360 degree noise cancelling! Also, the Bold sounds a bit better to me than the AirPods Pro. Sounds like more features and a better sound in my opinion, for a lesser price? Sounds great to me!

All in all, for the price, the Apollo Bold is a great choice.

You can get the Apollo Bold through Amazon for $99.99 (There may be a coupon in there as well, if you search...)

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The Bold's are really starting to grow on me. When I first tried them I found the bass to be overpowering but after time they definitely seem to have calmed down somewhat. They're still too bassy for 'proper' listening but these work great when I'm driving my noisy truck. Whilst the active noise cancelling isn't as good as Sony's, it's good enough to help reduce engine and wind noise. I'm starting to think that they share a similar sound characteristic to the old Koss Porta Pro's.
Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful review!