TRN Medusa

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Protect the blue planet, listen to the sound of the ocean
Don't let it lose its color
High-performance Hi-Fi dynamic earphones
Immerse yourself in the rhythm of the deep sea
Second-generation DLC (diamond-like) diaphragm 12mm dynamic unit
Three-cavity dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit structure
Pure translucent resin cavity design
TRN Medusa

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Key Highlights in Every Detail​


DLC (diamond-like) composite diaphragm

Three-cavity dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit

Brand new heat sublimation process design

The pure translucent cavity is beautiful and exquisite

Professional Hi-Fi tuning

Detachable cable design

Dance with the Medusa, and listen to the rhythm of the ocean!​

"Medusa," often praised as the "floating flowers" of the ocean due to their translucent bodies and graceful movements, embody the ocean's serene spirit. These ethereal creatures dance with the sea, bringing us closer to nature. TRN Medusa invites you on an aural odyssey through the ocean depths.

Inspired by Medusa's mesmerizing surface patterns, the transparent shell of TRN Medusa reveals its unique textures. Through this unique design and exceptional sound quality, we aim to transport you away from the urban clamor. Let the TRN Medusa envelop you in the peace and elegance of the ocean, even amidst the bustle of the city.

Let the music and the ocean serenade your ears forever.
TRN Medusa Art

Innovative Triple-Chamber Structure Design​

Unveiling the Intricacy of Sound
The TRN Medusa features a groundbreaking three-chamber dual magnetic circuit dynamic unit. This unique design effectively partitions the sound frequency spectrum into three chambers, enabling an expansive frequency response. As a result, the TRN Medusa meticulously reproduces high-frequency details and low-end bass, delivering a vibrant and immersive listening experience. Additionally, the three-chamber structure enhances sound localization and expands the dynamic range, transporting you into captivating sonic landscapes.
TRN Medusa Schema

Second-Generation DLC (Diamond-Like) Diaphragm​

Unleash the Pristine Purity of Ocean-Infused Sound
Building upon the acclaimed legacy of the Seashell first-generation DLC dynamic unit, we have meticulously refined its structure and materials to minimize vibration distortion. This reduced distortion translates into more accurate audio reproduction, delivering crisper details and purer sound quality. Moreover, the second-generation DLC dynamic unit in the TRN Medusa boasts an enhanced response speed, enabling it to track the nuances of the audio signal swiftly. As a result, these earphones faithfully capture the dynamic variations of the audio, rendering a more responsive and vibrant musical performance.
TRN Medusa Second-Generation DLC (Diamond-Like) Diaphragm

Your Exclusive Music Sanctuary​

Masterfully Engineered Acoustic Architecture
We have meticulously optimized the acoustic chamber design in our relentless pursuit of sonic excellence. We crafted a specialized internal acoustic structure through rigorous testing and refinement. This meticulously calibrated chamber effectively controls unwanted reflections, working in harmony with the beryllium-coated dynamic unit to unveil the natural richness and fullness of sound details, delivering an unparalleled immersive and impactful listening experience with the TRN Medusa.
TRN Medusa Dynamic Driver

Finely Tuned Frequency Response Curve​

Orchestrating the Art of Ocean-Inspired Sound
The TRN Medusa employs a high-precision three-way crossover design. We have achieved a harmonious sonic performance through meticulous calculation of each unit's playback frequency and a balanced distribution of low, mid, and high frequencies. This meticulously engineered and tuned design results in a smooth and natural overall response, delivering exceptional fidelity and versatility across various musical genres. The refined frequency response, characterized by its smooth transitions and outstanding reproduction capabilities, caters to diverse musical preferences, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience.
TRN Medusa with and without cable
TRN Medusa Graph

*The above data is from the TRN Acoustic Laboratory Test. Actual use may be slightly different.

A Transparent Window into the Ingenious Core​

Translucent Resin Cavity
Embrace the captivating beauty of the earphone's intricate inner workings through its unique transparent design. The vibrant dance of the Medusa motif within the translucent resin cavity adds a touch of personality and allure. This high-quality resin construction not only showcases a captivating visual aesthetic but also provides an optimal acoustic environment for sound delivery, transforming your music into a mesmerizing feast for the senses and elevating your listening experience to unprecedented heights.
TRN Medusa close up

Standard four-strand copper-silver mixed cable​

Interchangeable audio connector cable
The TRN Medusa comes standard with a four-strand copper-silver mixed interchangeable connector cable, offering the combined benefits of oxygen-free copper and silver plating. This effectively enhances sound fullness while simultaneously improving full-frequency resolution for detailed and clear sound reproduction. Each signal path utilizes an 89-core Litz wire construction featuring high-purity oxygen-free copper and silver plating to ensure high-quality signal transmission.
Copper-silver mixed cable

2Pin-S Connector type

2Pin-S Connector type
2.5/3.5/4.4mm connectors

*Includes 2.5/3.5/4.4mm connectors

Ergonomic DesignComfort that Flows with Your Every Move Unburden Your Ears​

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the TRN Medusa earbuds are meticulously engineered to provide an unparalleled listening experience that prioritizes comfort and sound quality. Through extensive research and data-driven analysis of ear anatomy, we have optimized the earbud shells to seamlessly conform to the natural contours of your ears, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit that eliminates fatigue even during extended listening sessions.
TRN Medusa in the ear

Rich accessories​

Immersive Gaming Experience
TRN Medusa comes with a four-strand copper-silver mixed cable and an interchangeable audio connector cable, an aluminum storage case, 7 pairs of different types and sizes of earplug sleeves, a T-set *3 (SML), balanced *3(SML), memory foam ear tip *1 (M), and 5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm connectors.
TRN Medusa What's in the box


Product model
TRN Medusa
Transducer type
Dynamic Drivers Monitors

Frequency response

Ear hook

Jack type
Weight (Single Earphone+cable)

Connector type
Cable length:
TRN Medusa without MIC
TRN Medusa with MIC
TRN Medusa Front and Rear view


Latest reviews


New Head-Fier
TRN Medusa: A Deep Dive into the Latest Aquatic IEM
Pros: • Excellent Value: The Medusa offers a well-rounded sound signature and a generous package of accessories for a competitive price. This makes it a great option for budget-conscious audiophiles or those new to high-fidelity sound.

• Balanced Sound Signature: The Medusa boasts a neutral and natural sound profile. Instruments and vocals are accurately reproduced, making it suitable for a wide range of musical genres.

• Lightweight and Comfortable Design: The TRN Medusa is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods, thanks to its clear plastic shell and low weight (5.1g per earphone).

• Modular Cable System: The Medusa comes with a modular cable system featuring interchangeable 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm terminations. This provides flexibility for connecting to various audio sources.

• Comprehensive Accessory Package: TRN provides a generous selection of ear tips and the included carrying case offers protection for the earphones during transport.
Cons: • Lacks Microphone: The Medusa does not include a microphone.

• Aesthetics (Subjective): While the clear plastic shell with its painted driver is unique, some might find the "eyeball" resemblance less appealing than the intended
The TRN Medusa, the newest addition to TRN's ocean series, takes center stage with its unique design and impressive sound for the price point. Let's delve deeper into its features, sound signature, and overall value proposition.

Design and Build:

While the official inspiration is a jellyfish, the Medusa's clear plastic shell with its intricately painted 12mm dynamic driver undeniably resembles a captivating eyeball. Despite initial online impressions, the Medusa boasts a sleek and cool aesthetic in person. The lightweight build (5.1g per earphone) ensures comfortable wearability during extended listening sessions.



TRN carries over the generous accessory package from the well-received Conch model. This includes:

• Modular Cable: You get all a 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm termination option, offering flexibility for various audio sources. The included Sea Serpent cable (replacing the RedChain of the Conch) features a stylish grey graphene design and is known for its sonic quality, making it a valuable addition on its own.

• Ear Tips: TRN provides a comprehensive selection of tips to ensure a perfect fit and optimal sound isolation. This includes three sets of TRN T-tips, three sets of standard TRN tips, and a pair of memory foam tips, catering to different ear shapes and preferences.

• Carrying Case: A sleek aluminum case protects your Medusa from scratches and dings during transport.


Sound Signature:

The Medusa's true strength lies in its well-tuned 12mm second-generation Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) dynamic driver. Here's a detailed breakdown of its sonic characteristics:

• Bass: Tight, fast, and punchy, with a focus on midbass presence. The sub-bass delivers satisfying rumble when needed, yet remains controlled and clean, avoiding muddiness in the overall sound.

• Midrange: This is where the Medusa truly shines. The midrange is natural and neutral, with vocals – both male and female – sounding accurate and detailed. The airy and well-extended upper mids ensure clarity without any roll-off, making instruments and vocals stand out.

• Treble: The treble is smooth and neutral, erring on the safe side. It's not overly bright, making it suitable for extended listening without harshness. While not particularly emphasizing sparkle, it handles high volumes well.

Technical Performance:

The TRN Medusa delivers above-average technicalities. It boasts good linear or stereo imaging, with a focus on precise left-right instrument placement. While lacking a fully holographic soundstage, it excels in separation, allowing you to clearly distinguish individual instruments and vocals within the mix.


Overall Impression:

The TRN Medusa offers exceptional value for its price range. Considering the high-quality accessories included and its well-balanced sound signature, it's a fantastic option for audiophiles on a budget or those just starting their foray into the world of high-fidelity audio. The Medusa's versatility allows it to handle a wide range of musical genres with confidence, making it a compelling choice for everyday listening.

Who should consider the TRN Medusa?

• Budget-conscious audiophiles seeking a well-rounded IEM

• Newcomers to the audiophile world looking for a good introduction to high-fidelity sound

• Listeners who enjoy a balanced sound signature with a focus on natural vocal reproduction

• Users who value comfort and portability with the lightweight design


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