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A direct heated triode amplifier hand built in Greenfield, Wisconsin.

Toolshed Amps: Euphoria Stereo 45 DHT

  • Matt Formanek hand builds single-ended tube amps in Wisconsin. While he primarily focuses on low watt 2 channel stereo amps for driving loudspeakers, he has tailored his circuits for headphones.

    What sets Toolshed's product apart from the dozens of similar boutique amps available today are a combination of strengths - Hand built, furniture quality casework, retro styling, point to point wiring, and dedicated support/communication throughout the build process.

Recent Reviews

  1. dmhenley
    Toolshed Amps: Euphoria Stereo 45 DHT
    Written by dmhenley
    Published Aug 16, 2017
    Pros - Exemplary build and sound quality. New-retro style. Gorgeous hand finished casework.
    Cons - None - only limitations - those who need more than a couple watts to drive certain headphones may not find an ideal pairing here.
    Many of us pursuing the hifi hobby are moving toward the goal of finding a reference component that we can live with long term. While we will also continue to try new gear - of course - it's great to have a core system that represents our personal playback ideals. While those ideals vary for each of us, we share in common the desire to find our musical match.

    I have cycled through several amps over the years - both solid state and tube - and quickly found that low watt tube amps and sensitive speakers/headphones are where I want to live. It's safe to say I have found my reference amplifier. Prices (depending on specs) for the Euphoria Stereo amplifiers will run near US$3000.

    I will be objective in my report, but I admit I am biased. This amp checks off most of the boxes on my list of audio wants. Context: I am a drummer, and my experience playing live acoustically is often my reference for great sound.

    Last year, I came across Matt Formanek, owner/designer/builder at Toolshed Amps, during an online search for tube amp builders. A music lover, ex-hifi shop proprietor, cabinet builder and very cool guy - Matt started Toolshed in 2014. He brings his deep skill set, broad experience and artists spirit to bear on a small line of low watt tube amplifiers. I'll defer to Matt in regard to his background with a Q&A I posted on my blog some months ago -

    Euphoria Stereo 45

    On to the focus of this review: the Euphoria Stereo 45 is a direct heated triode circuit designed around the revered 45 tube. E180F/D3A tubes are assigned to preamp duty, with the GZ37 on rectification. I asked that my amp be built as an integrated, with both headphone and speaker outputs. Point to point wiring, high quality components, and attention to detail all lend to the exemplary build quality. Matt builds and finishes the custom wood bases, handles the cutting and etching on the aluminum plates, and wires the amps himself. My amp got 100 hours of burn-in prior to shipping. See the photos for more on the overall build quality.


    I primarily listen to cd quality streams via Tidal, and use Roon as my interface. I also listen to vinyl, but for our purposes am focusing on streaming audio. My source is a Win10 pc, and I run a microRendu (w/LPS1 psu) into the Schitt Yggdrasil dac (Anticables USB cable), which feeds the Euphoria 45. All components are powered by a PS Audio Power Plant Premier. My primary headphones are the Audioquest Nighthawks with a Double Helix cable. I used the brand new (40 hours on them) Sophia Electric mesh 45's and Mullard E180F's for this report.

    Being a very low output design, it does not generate a ton of heat. It is hot to the touch, but doesn't raise the temperature in my office like some other amps have. It's a full size component - I wouldn't call it a desktop amp - but that's not to say you couldn't set it on one. The amp weighs in around 23 lbs. There are old school switches for power, impedance (8ohm and 16ohm) and headphone/speaker selection. There's a rotary switch on the front for input selection, just to the left of the 1/4" headphone jack.

    This is an early review - I'm in my first week with the Euphoria 45 - so, will be following up with updates as the weeks and months pass. We can talk about stability and my evolving impressions later.

    Overall Sonics

    First thing - the amp is very quiet - a prime concern for today's headphone enthusiast. When using my NOS RCA Radiotron 45's, the background is quiet. This is not the virtual vacuum of a digital tomb quiet. No. If you're after that, then this may not be the amp for you. The Sophia Electric mesh 45's do hum a bit, but it's not enough to keep me from using them. I also listen via my vintage Altec Lansing speakers, where the hum is nearly inaudible from my chair. But, this is specific to the tubes - the amp itself is quiet. These circuits are chosen for their immediacy, tonal 'rightness', dynamics and transparency. Component changes will affect the overall character. And tube selection will too - part of the fun with tube amps. 45's are known for very low distortion, inner detail, extended bandwidth and killer tone. I've found this to be true, and will add that rolling these power tubes will offer some variance in these attributes. So, like most tube amps, within the overall presentation, you can 'tune' the amp with tube changes.

    Incredibly musical, dynamic and engaging. The amp is quite revealing and will present any perceived flaws in the recording and/or your upstream components performance. That said, these things are well balanced. This is not a tubey tube. Heh. Not overly warm or bloated. Linear, but not lean.There is an ease to the sound, despite the detailed nature - one hallmark of great components.

    I look to be gripped by the music, and am less interested in the specific hifi attributes. Most of the time.

    Again, the amp is revealing, but not bright. The stage is wider than anything I've heard with the Nighthawks - which are known for a close/intimate presentation. There's more room for each voice or instrument to be fully rendered, but not overtly. If I think of the stage in a globe, but as a balloon, it's like we've injected more air into it. Layering and depth are ideal for me. I don't feel that the amp is exaggerating this, but the tremendous insight it provides brings me into that space.

    Tone! Oh man...pianos sound right - notes are balanced between the hammer attack and weight and a blend of the overall instruments sound. Instruments in general have weight, and so feel more real. I imagine it as gravity - the drums are stable in the stage and feel like they're moving air - as if you were standing in the room with them. Combining that luscious tone with the transparency, we get all the harmonic complexities of acoustic instruments played by people in a shared space. If that's in fact how it was recorded. Crucial in creating the illusion of being there. Voices have intense presence, and I can experience the singers subtle inflections.

    Speaking of weight, the low end is balanced as well as I could want. Deep, solid bass notes, complemented by an open mid-range. No mud. In fact, I think the 45's linearity is an excellent match for the Nighthawks. One complaint many have about them is a certain bloom in the lower mids/upper bass. I'm not finding this to be an issue now.

    I consider the Euphoria Stereo 45 to be an heirloom quality amp. It delivers world class performance and a build quality to match. In concert with my Yggdrasil, the Euphoria 45 translates the energy of a performance to me - this is among the highest praise I can give.

    The style may not be for everyone. For those who dig the updated retro design, and are looking for low watt tube power will not be disappointed.

    Thanks for listening.


    1. TSA_E451.jpg
    2. TSA_E45_2.jpg
    3. E45_front1.jpg
    4. IMG_20170813_215801 (2).jpg
    5. IMG_20170812_160308 (2).jpg
    6. E45_Unbox1.jpg
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