Swan M50W

General Information

All of the drivers in the OM-6 use Mirage's latest technology, including the same titanium hybrid tweeter used in the company's flagship M-1si loudspeaker. The upper module contains two midrange/tweeter arrays, one radiating toward the front, the other toward the back. To keep the cabinet as shallow as possible, the front and rear tweeters and midranges are mounted back to back; that is, while the front tweeter is mounted on top, the rear tweeter is mounted on the bottom, and vice versa for the midranges. The overall depth of the mid-tweeter module is just over 4.5".

M50W is HiVi's new generation of 2.1 high-fidelity multimedia system. The system was uniquely designed using 2.0 speaker design principles on 2.1 speaker products in order to create high-quality audio terminal for desktop near-field use.

M50W has a classical design with walnut finish and piano lacquer trim. The 2.1 system was designed with high-quality audio playback as it's primary purpose. It uses 2-way front speakers plus an independent subwoofer channel as it's design structure. M50W applies an aluminum hard-dome tweeter on the front speakers to increase high-frequency resolution and clarity; 3" drivers that give a smooth and textured midrange; The subwoofer applies 6.5" pure bass driver with 100W RMS output. The subwoofer driver adopts a long-stroke design that gives a large dynamic and low distortion down to 38Hz, and is able to create an enormous low-frequency soundstage that can be felt as well as heard. In addition M50W subwoofer also adopts flared port tubes which effectively reduce wind noise to ensure cleaner more natural low frequency sound.

For convenient operation M50W is equipped with a machined aluminum external control dial. At the center of the control dial is a colored ring, when pressing lightly on the top of the dial, the color ring will become red and the speakers will be muted, pressing on the top of the dial a second time will change it's color back and it will resume it's normal working state. Excellent sound quality and convenient operation are at the heart of the HiVi M50W design. This 2.1 music system is suitable for PC, XBOX360, PS3, iPod, DVD, CD as well as high-fidelity music listening systems and shock gaming systems.

Latest reviews

Pros: Simply the sound quality for the price.
Cons: For this price, there are none.
I have been mostly a headphone guy for my computer set up (Sennheiser, Bose) and have previously had Bose Media Mate speakers which were good but those could be a bit too bassy, loose bass.
I pulled the trigger on the Swan/Hi-Vi M-50 multimedia speaker system and have been nothing but impressed.  Very impressed.  The build quality is excellent. The system has weight. Not only the sub (which is a real chunk) but the satellites also. Though they do have a wood-like enclosure on the sides, I do not believe it is real wood. It is a composite with faux wood grain.  But does look nice and real unless your doing a very close inspection.  As these are not loud speakers after all, they do get loud with very little distortion.  Especially if your using them as a sound system for your computer set-up or  a bedroom home theater.  The sub is tight and there is no discernible frequency hole from the crossovers between the sub and satellites.  The tweeters are very crisp.  Once you EQ them in you will be amazed.  For this price I simply do not think a person could do any better.  This system punches well above its weight.  
I bought a M50W and it's real wood. Well it isn't SOLID wood but it's still MDF.


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