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Sony NWZ-W273BLK 4GB Waterproof Walkman Sports MP3 Player (Black)

  • Add music to any sport even swimming with the wire-free, all-in-one music player you can wear. Listen to your favorite jams, plus enjoy 3-minute quick charging and drag-and-drop ease with iTunes or Windows . There’s also 4GB of built-in memory and pristine audio quality with deep bass.

Recent Reviews

  1. Chiek
    Indispensable swimming buddy
    Written by Chiek
    Published Apr 20, 2016
    Pros - Good audio. Lap swimming has never been more enjoyable, easy to store and unstore songs, shuffle, zoom in and zoom out to search for songs
    Cons - Requires fitting earbuds that keep water out of the ear canal
    Love this swimming MP3 player. Battery power and 4 GB storage are more than sufficient for hours of swimming pleasure. It did take me a while with tial and error to optimise it's use and to avoid trouble. 
    Initially, with bad fitting earbuds, water leaked into the ear canal while I was swimming and muffled the sounds. Not to worry,  works again after drying it out. 
    The key is to get good earbuds that will mold into shape of your canal to keep out the water and to stay snug throughout the swim. 
    It is impossible for me to swim without my swimming companion. 


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