Sony MDR1ABT/S Hi-Res Bluetooth Stereo headphones, Silver

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Unleash your music, in comfortable style, with Hi-Res audio response and wireless freedom. Connect via Bluetooth with NFC and let your music loose for up to 30 hours (battery life) anytime anywhere, while 40mm drivers with S-Master digital amplification will breathe life into your favorite tracks

Latest reviews

Pros: bass response, comfort, styling, convenience
Cons: isolation, touch controls?
I ended up picking up the 1ABT's. Some impressions
comfort - yup as everyone has said, these are stinking comfortable. I forgot I was wearing them a few times during the course of the first 4 hours I had them on.
isolation - mediocre to poor. This goes both ways, in that it doesn't block out exterior noise nor does it keep what I'm listening through them very private. Guess this is the cost for "pillowy" ear pads. I'm going to try getting velour pads from either the M50x or the Beyer DT250 and see if it helps in this regard. I also did experience the sweaty pads phenomena with the stock pads so hopefully a swap will help
controls - not a huge fan of the touch controls. I think I need to get used to them, but so far they have been wholly inaccurate. Takes me a few tries to skip tracks or raise volume. Would prefer a tactile indication that my gesture did something, especially the volume control. 
sound - I like the sound of them. Somewhat V shaped, its a bit of a fun signature with a lot down low and the high's rolled off a bit to avoid fatigue. Its definitely not a studio monitor or anything like that, but it is a really fun sound. Something I can just rock out to and not be too critical or think too much. 
comparisons - the other two BT headphones I have/had are the Sony XB950BT and Pendulumic Stance S1+. Compared to the XB950BT, these are a class above. The XB950BT always sounded a bit dull/congested to me. Even with the dynamat mods and EQ coulnd't really get them to sing. The 1ABT have a significantly better sound stage and a much better controlled bass response. Isolation wise, the XB950BT are a bit better, even though they seem to have the same pads as the 1ABT? Comfort is similar, but the 1ABT is better because its lighter. Less sweaty pads with the 1ABT than the XB950BT. Compared to the S1+, basically the 1ABT takes the excellent highs and mids of the Pendulumic and adds in a healthy bass response. The Stance s1+ to me sounded full, but lacked the bass rumble. Like it only went down to 150hz or so and nothing below that. the 1ABT fixes that. I still like the controls and the looks of the Pendulumic better, but comfort and sound go to the 1ABT
Overall I think the MDR-1ABT is money well spent. I will be keeping them.They are perfect for a grab and go, non critical chill listening headphone.


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