Sony MDR-V6 Monitor Series Headphones

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Step up to a higher level of quality sound. The MDRV6 headphones boost a 40 MM Diameter Driver for Deep, Accurate Bass, a flexible folding design for easy portability and a very comfortable fit. PRODUCT FEATURES: 40 MM Diameter Driver for Deep, Accurate Bass; Circum-Aural Design Reduces Outside Noise; Folding Design for Easy Portability; Oxygen-Free Copper Litz Cord for Low Noise; Stereo UniMatch Plug for Indoor and Outdoor Use; Wide, Padded Headband for Long-Lasting Comfort.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Held up for over 27 years with no issues, Sound great
Cons: They carry the 30 year old design
I wouldn't trade anything for my Sony MDR-V6's, including Bose or even some of the other higher end units.  I have owned these for well over 27 years and have never had anything go wrong with these headphones.  I have over driven them, thrown them around like a $10 set expecting them to break so I could justify going to get another set, and they just continue keeping on.  The only thing that needs any attention is the ear pads which I am now replacing for a measly $10.  I use these for all listening situations including music, and gaming.  I just happened to add up some of my gaming times and I came up with over a 100 days of gaming over the last 10 years (ps3) which equated to over 2400 hours of those same headphones beating out mind numbing explosions, rapid gunfire, while still able to sound harmonic while playing symphony, country, blues/jazz, country or rock.  They still sound as crisp as the day I bought them 28 years ago.
Funny thing, i remember the day I bought them and the turmoil I went through to justify spending the $85 dollars (mind you $85 back 25 years ago was like $400 today) and wondering if they would sound as good as I hoped, and last long enough for me to feel like I got my monies worth.
I am contemplating buying my next set (MDR-10BT) for travel and again wondering if they will be justified.  They don't make things like they used to, but I feel comfortable always going back to these if there is any question.
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Question for you- Have you used these with any sort of simulated surround sound system while you were gaming? if so how did they hold up with that?   I am seriously considering getting either these or 7506s for my closed back headphones.
if you want to upgrade consider getting other studio headphones that would probably last as long. Like the dt 150 from beyerdynamic or the Sennheiser hd-25.
Turns out that 27 years is how long I've had mine too. I keep buying other headphones hoping to find some audiophile nirvana but these continue to hold their own. My only other headphones I've kept for as long are a pair of Sennheiser HD 560 cans for when I want that open-back sound. All others haven't lived up to their marketing hype. Best thing about the V6's, besides their great fidelity, is their sensitivity. They work well even with underpowered headphone outputs. It's almost a cliche now in movies & tv that when the role is an audio engineer or dj that they're always, and I mean always wearing these. Instant credibility.


1000+ Head-Fier
Pros: The standard for 3D imaging in games
Cons: For audio, there are better for the price
I don't really want to talk about the use of these for music.  They were once the king under $100, and still are very good for the price -- but the best low-end headphones today would give all but a few midrange headphones of a decade or two ago a run for their money -- so it's impressive how well these have held up.  But there is just better out there for under $100 now.
That being said, over the years I've tried many popular headphones from the major brands while gaming -- and for gaming these are still by-far the best in terms of 3D positional accuracy.  If you play games like CS:GO where audio cues are absolutely vital I cannot recommend these highly enough.  Sony really needs to produce a version of these with a mic and market to the pro gaming community -- they would be incredibly well received.
You mentioned that there are much better headphones out there for under $100 now... but can you please name some? I'm new to this audiophile thing :)
Another one I've read about is the Audio Technica ATH-M50. Is that the one?
I find these to be very exceptional headphones for $100 when I purchased them 28 years ago.

Moved on since then to much higher-end headphones.  I am not certain if I still have these headphones.  I have to look and compare.


New Head-Fier
Pros: Versatile, comfortable, price
Cons: cable
This was my first step into higher-end audio, and I recommend it to anyone in this position as well.  Never had comfort issues (especially if the cups are replaced), and the price is very reasonable.  I had great success when listening to music such as classical to R&B.  The only issue I had with the headphone was the coiled cable, which is long and prone to becoming tangled. 
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