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Sony MDR-CD3000

  • You live in the real world... A world of work... of play... of travel... Sony adds life to your world, whether you're: At Home... At Work... On the Road... On the Go... Your world... Your Sony.Digital Reference Series design provides outstanding levels of both performance and comfort, for the optimum enjoyment of digital sound. Large-sized circum-aural design provides an excellent fit for any size head, allowing hours of tireless wear and total music impression. Unique earpad design uses a collagen-like material for a natural feeling of comfort. The self-adjusting headband uses a free-adjust mechanism which eliminates the need for headband adjustment, for a comfortable fit and precise left/right sound balance. The floating earcup system improves resonance characteristics and sonic performance while the organic fiber composite earcup housing provides a personal concert hall for the ear with high resonance suppression for pure, natural sound reproduction. (Amazon.com)


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