Skullcandy Aviator Headphone With 3 Button Remote - Brown / Gold

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Skullcandy Aviator Headphone With 3 Button Remote - Brown / Gold

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Pros: Good sound quality, descent construction, Unique design, Descent carrying case, Good Value, and good comfort
Cons: Bad at isolating
So I know this is gonna sound strange but i really like these headphones, SkullCandy is really stepping up their game; and here's why:


Build Quality

So the build quality on this model is pretty good, at first i was sorta skeptical because they felt a little cheap while i was holding them, but once i examined them they're actually built pretty well. The headband is built with two flexible metal strips running across the top of the headphone, and I don't feel like the headband is gonna snap on me any time soon. The adjustments on the Aviators are kinda loose, but it doesn't bother me to much, but i don't feel like the adjustments won't break anytime soon as well. So the only Plastic part on this headphone would be the ear cups, its actually a pretty cool look, because they're a little see through, so you can see some of the mechanics inside the ear cups, and I was actually fascinated by it, I just thought it was a good look. But the only thing i would be worried about the ear cups, is them getting scratched, or cracked; but besides that i think they'll be ok, if you take care of them. So the build quality on these is pretty descent.



The design on the aviators is pretty unique, I really like it. I already talked about some of it in the build quality section, but I'm really fascinated with the ear cups because they're see through so you can see the driver, i just really liked that about these headphones. But i think thats only offered with this color, I'm not sure if the ear cups are see through on the other color selections on skullcandy's website. So the only complaint i would really have about the design is that since the ear cups are glossy, fingerprints can get on them so if you want the ear cups to always be looking good, then you would have to clean them frequently with the micro fiber cleaning cloth Skullcandy provides you with. But besides that i love the design on these headphones in brown and gold.



The Comfort on this headphone is pretty good, the ear cushions are filled with soft memory foam; so thats pretty good, feels nice and soft on the human ear. The shape of the ear cups aren't really shaped to fit around everybody's ear, so it might sit on peoples ear's acting as an on-ear headphone, which is weird because Skullcandy advertises the aviators as "Over the ear" headphones. But oh well, Skullcandy makes up for that by not having the Aviators have a tight clamping force. But the ear cups aren't very breathable so your ears may get sweaty, hot, and may turn red. So overall the comfort on the aviators is pretty good.

Audio Quality

Now the main part of the review, How Do they sound? Well first off these headphones have a low impediance at 38 ohms so it doesn't take a lot of power to listen to music with the Aviators, they'll run perfect on a regular mp3 device. But these headphones will sound a lot better with an amp, but before i talk about that, lets talk about how they sound. So the Aviators are more of a warm sound signature on the side of neutral; so in the low frequencies the lows are pretty elevated but by no means over powers the mid range and the high frequencies, this headphone isn't really bass heavy which i love about these headphones, these headphones will work with any genre. I've listened to rock, metal, R&B, Pop, Classical Music, Jazz, And even hip hop. The aviators excel in all of these genres. The mid range is pretty flat and works well with the low frequencies; but in the high frequencies they do seem to be off the charts and rolled off a bit. But if you were to use these headphones with an amp, these headphones will shine. They'll sound a lot better, due to the lack of distortion they'll have, and the aviators will have a more detailed sound signature. But Overall i'm really happy with the sound quality, and since these headphones are portable, i listen to them often, well not that often but i like them and i'm happy i have a pair of these headphones. So the audio quality on the aviators is really good for the price you pay for them. 



So I would say that the Aviators is completely worth your money, you get good build quality, good comfort, and good audio quality. Its a good headphone, and its surprisingly made from Skullcandy.


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