Beats Pro headphones are made for relentless, heavy-duty use in the studio or in the club. Superb...

Beats Pro Over-Ear Headphone (White)

  • Beats Pro headphones are made for relentless, heavy-duty use in the studio or in the club. Superb sound at all times. Beats Pro headphones give you deep bass response and sound across the spectrum. That's because they use no amplification or noise cancellation circuitry that adds other frequencies, colors the sound, or compromises bass response.

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  1. Avelign
    Stylish & Overpriced
    Written by Avelign
    Published Feb 16, 2014
    Pros - Stylish, Popular Brand, Removable Cables, Folds
    Cons - Heavy, Uncomfortable, Poor Quality, Breaks Easy

    The headphones came in a very big, well made box. And was transported folded up with all of the accessories. Including the cable and carrying pouch.

    Build Quality:

    Right out of the box I noticed these were very eye-catching, and probably one of the most beautiful cans I have ever seen. Circular earcups, with a full aluminium design, they did an outstanding job on the looks of these headphones. But as you may know, looks aren't everything when it comes to the build quality of headphones. Since the headphones are fully metal, they weigh a half of a pound! I noticed they fall right off my head if my head isn't straight. The earcups are made of some kind of leather(ish) material. Very uncomfortable for long periods of time, but great if you are just listening to them for 10 minutes or less. There is practically no clamp pressure on these headphones, meaning the headband is the main source of what is keeping these headphones on your head. The headband does extend a large amount, perfect when wearing a hat or if you have a abnormally huge head, but after time, the adjuster loosens up and will start extending on their own due to the weight of the headphones. The earcups also swivel, great when you're ready to put them away and save space, but rumor has it that the drivers wire will eventually get damaged from swiveling too often. And much like the adjustable headband, the notch that controls the swiveling earcups loosens up as well. A nice feature of these headphones are the dual cable inputs. So you can change the side of the wire to your liking, as well as have a second person listening in on the output by connecting their headphones or speakers to the other input.

    Sound Quality:

    Now let's get to the main purpose of the purchase of a new pair of headphones. The sound quality. Now these cans are closed back, but I noticed noise cancellation is terrible and the sound leaks terribly. They have a very small impedance rate, meaning they can be powered by a mobile device without a problem with significant volume. When turning these on, I noticed audio quality was fairly crisp. The lows didn't sink into the mids like the Studios do, the mids however are quite recessed. Highs are fairly good, but way overpowered and painful. Every hi-hat and symbol pierces your ears, as well as high vocals. Treble is very harsh! But other then that, they don't sound bad, but defenately don't sound good for the price.


    The Beats Pros look nice, sound decent, and have loads of features. But if you can care less about looks and want something that sounds a billion times better. Stay away from these.
  2. backspace119
    If you want to listen to music. Don't buy these.
    Written by backspace119
    Published Feb 6, 2014
    Pros - You'll get more "friends" in some circles, Aluminum construction makes them KIND OF sturdy
    Cons - Music doesn't come out of them-random sounds that might sometimes sound like music do, very uncomfortable, very heavy
    I had a pair of these for 2 weeks before I trashed them (didn't throw them away because I'm not wasteful just pawned them off to some guy at school for $90). They DO NOT sound good AT ALL! I bought them because a friend convinced me that I needed a pair and they sounded great. I don't know what drugs he's on but they sound scratchy and pitchy with absolutely no bass! I thought maybe it was just my pair but then I listened to my friends pair (should've listened BEFORE I bought them) his sounded just as bad. When confronted with this issue he told me "But they're Beats! They can't possibly sound bad!" I already had my Tiamat 2.2s by that time so I allowed him to listen. I completely changed his opinion on the spot although he still uses them to "look cool". I spent all of the money I had saved up from the past 6 months of working building and designing custom PCs and programming little plugins and such for people only to have it wasted here. I'm happy I got the 90 back though and honestly they aren't worth even that.
    I would only recommend these headphones if they costed $20 or less. Because that's what sound quality they have.
    The only good thing about them was the aluminum was pretty sturdy, scratched like a mofo but sturdy. This also made them very heavy and wearing them for a while would give me neck pains (as opposed to the larger Tiamats which weigh less because of the plastic thats used instead of aluminum for the main part of the bands).
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    2. lin0003
      They are not that bad really. Personally I'd give them like a 3. Based on SQ alone maybe a 2. 
      lin0003, Feb 7, 2014
    3. backspace119
      I give them a bad rating because even my old generic headphones sounded better than these. (These had very poor low end performance which is important to me.) And obviously my new Tiamats blew it out of the water
      backspace119, Feb 7, 2014
    4. Deviltooth
      Nobody wearing beats looks 'cool'.  They look like dumb sheep who are easily controlled by marketing aimed at a 14 year old mentality.
      Deviltooth, Feb 7, 2014
  3. DigitalGrounder
    Completely not worth $400!!!!
    Written by DigitalGrounder
    Published Dec 19, 2013
    Pros - Aluminum Construction, Accessories, and design
    Cons - Doesn't work with all genres, scratches easily, adjustments are loose, very uncomfortable, ear pads aren't breathable
    To start off I have to clarify that i am not an "Audiophile", nothing about me is audiophile related except the love of music and headphones. So to start this review i'd like to talk about the build quality; the build quality on this headphone is amazing, I'm very surprised the way beats by Dre designed this headphone, due to the history of "Bad Buid quality" that beats by dre has offered us in the past, but luckily this headphone is constructed out of very durable aluminum. I honestly don't have any complaints about the build quality of this headphone besides the fact that it scratches easily. So if your somebody that doesn't like their headphones getting damaged or scratched, then take into consideration that these will scratch easily.
    Next i'm gonna talk about is the comfort, the comfort on these headphones is terrible; i can only wear these headphones for thirty minutes at most, since these are "Dj headphones" they have a tight clamping force which will hurt your ears, and the ear cups aren't breathable, so your ears will get hot, sweaty, and turn red. Even though the ear cups are made of memory foam and are good for adjustments I still need to take these headphones off my head after thirty minutes. Beats By Dre claimed that these headphones have an over the ear design; well in the long run they aren't, the ear cups have a circular shape so they won't fit completely around my ear, so technically this is an on ear design. Also these headphones wouldn't be very good D.J. headphones, due to the lack of isolation. These headphones aren't very good at isolating, they barely block out any sound at all, for a closed back headphone.
    So whats a headphone review without saying how they sound? Well than that'd be pretty stupid, so lets talk about how they sound. So the sound of these headphones is a real disappointment, I'm not saying its bad, but its not good enough to be worth $400. The lows over power the midrange, and the high end. So this means that if you were to listen to any other genre besides hip hop, or electronic music; it wouldn't be an enjoyable experience, due to the lack of instrument separation. So This headphone will not sound good with rock, metal, jazz, or anything. The instrument separation on these headphones are terrible. the only thing i wouldn't complain about these headphones is the low ends, the low ends on this headphone is excellent. The treble on this headphone can be very harsh at some points in a song, it started to hurt my ears, i rarely ever listen to this headphone because of it.
    Overall There are much better alternatives than Beats By Dre, there are much better brands out there for a MUCH cheaper price. Your not paying for quality, your paying for the name. I guess I'm just being nice by rating this headphone two and a half stars.
    1. Shini44
      sell it to the nearest idiot then go read around here about 300-350$ cans, choose what suit you the best, GL ^^

      Shini44, Dec 19, 2013
    2. backspace119
      If you read my review you'll see that I had a very different experience with the low end performance....I know I ranted a little bit but these things really pissed me off. Did you seriously get good lows out of these? Me and a friend both had a pair and neither performed well on lows (Tiamats did much better) I thought the sound was actually kind of screechy tbh.
      backspace119, Feb 6, 2014
    3. DigitalGrounder
      You have to understand that everybody likes different music. If they like bass then they're going to want some impactfull bass.
      DigitalGrounder, Dec 3, 2014


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