Shure SE115 Sound Isolating Earphones

Average User Rating:
  1. slimfox
    "Average IEM"
    Pros - Modular design, good sound isolation, prominent mids
    Cons - Dissapointing highs, bass could be better
    Bought this last month, have been listening to it for the past 1month. This is a entry level IEM by Shure. For the price I paid I expected better sound but unfortunately I have heard better sounding IEMs going for a lower price.
    The cable is modular which is great. It makes easy change of cable should the original gets damage. Noise isolation is wonderful. I tried this ear-bud during a fair with lots of people, it was great at isolating the environmental noise.
    This earphone is really great with Jazz and vocals. Hip-hop and any other bass laden music lovers should stay away. The mids are emphasize well here. Highs are there but it seems like its way way behind. Bass notes are heard but it isn't going low enough.
  2. GeneralSmirnoff
    "Shure SE115"
    Pros - Great Isolation, Warm Bass
    Cons - Entry level audio quality, Foam buds slowly fall out
  3. bisayaboi
    "Shure SE115"
    Pros - Great isolation, sturdy construction, decent bass
    Cons - Mids and highs are average; warm bass seems to carry this IEM through
    The Shure SE115 is a decent choice in the $70-80 range but no more. Great isolation, very sturdy wires and the ability to add accessories is one of the staples of all Shure models.
    This model features warm bass smooth mids but a roll off in the high end so clarity might be a bit of an issue.
    However at $80 you can surely find a better sounding IEM such as the HiFiMan RE0.