Sennheiser PX 200W Collapsable High Performance Closed Headphones

  1. Mark K
    Sennheiser signature high and mid band, build quality can be better
    Written by Mark K
    Published Sep 10, 2013
    Pros - Sound
    Cons - Design, longevity
    Thrilled by my excellent Sennheiser HD-200, I bought this via an online dedicated supplier at a special discounted price. It was a great disappointment in sound right from the first moment, poorly paired up with my then iRiver H340 or iPod Classic
    That must be caused by the relatively loosened plastic frame supporting the ear tubs...and I really need a very powerful amp to drive the units.
    Other build quality things came years later. As long as I have always been a Sennheiser fan, I had expected it to happen.