Sennheiser PX 100-II Supra-Aural Mini Headphones - Black

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A musical all-rounder, the PX 100-II Supra-Aural Mini Headphones let you enjoy your personal favorites at any time on your portable player. Their dynamic, open ear cup design allows for a natural sound reproduction with a strong bass. These robust, steel-reinforced headphones can also be folded easily, thanks to their unique fold and flip design. Once folded, you can simply place them into their convenient soft carrying case. Optimized for MP3, iPod, iPhone and portable media players Frequency response 15 - 27000 Hz Sound pressure level (SPL) 114 dB Impedance 32 Ohms THD, total harmonic distortion < 0.1 % (1 kHz, 100 dB SPL) Connector 3.5 mm straight plug Cable length 1.2 m (3.93 ft.) single-sided cable In the box - PX 100-II headphones Carrying case Manufacturer's 2-year warranty

Latest reviews

Pros: Durable, light, comfortable, sensitive, punchy sound, mild.
Cons: Too dark, muddy and upper-to-mid bass heavy. Too subtle highs
I won't hide the place where I come from. It's the original PX100s, as I got them after refusing uncomfortable and boomy sound Porta Pros. These original PX100 were unlike Porta Pros, like if sennheiser wanted to be as different as possible. Light, comfy, balanced sound with subtle, but good deep bass. But I lost these. So in time, I reluctantly bought IIs. Baaad move. Not that IIs are really poor. They aren't. Especially not after equalization, but these sound significantly muddier, weaker on higher range, and subtle in comparison to bass band they produce. As if Sennheiser wanted to keep the light design, but copy the sound of Porta Pros. They're not there yet, but close. I can see myself listening to IIs of Sennheiser PX100 in certain environments and certain tracks, but when I put on my new originals, these always wipe floor with IIs badly. When I put IIs on my ears after originals, it's unrepairable and unequalizable mud with lack of strenght in mids and highs. Good positive thing is that IIs are louder a bit, so weaker devices can drive these to higher levels. The originals still win for brighter sound and actually deeper bass. Impedance curve goes 10Hz lower in older model, and that means something.
Pros: Truly wonderfull sound quality right through the sound spectrum.
Cons: None
Goodness me ! ! !
Where on earth do I start with these headphones. Firstly I would like to "qualify" myself for this review if I may. I would like to class my self as an "audiophile" on a budget. I LOVE good sound quality, and am constantly in search of ways to improve this with the budget that I have these days. This has not always been the case, I have in the past had very hi end and expensive headphones, speakers and amps.
I currently have the AKG K92 which I am VERY pleased with and would recommend as a super well made reference headphone. I run my headphone on a mixture of PC, phone devices and my Marantz amp. I enjoy BOTH "flat" unequalised sound and having the ability to "tweak" the equalization of frequency's with my Kenwood duel channel 10 band graphic equalizer with spectrum analyser. I enjoy ALL types of music particularly the following artists and bands Genesis, Pink Floyd, Pet Shop Boys (especially extended versions), anything produced my Trevor Horne (especially the Two Tribes extended mixes!) Queen, and I have a great fondness for tracks by Will I Am (Scream and shout) and Jason Derulo - "Want To Want Me" I also enjoy a large selection of that "boring" stuff classical music.
Okay so in addition to my AKG K92 I also have the Sony MDR XB450 YES I LOVE Bass when it is delivered with detail punch and clarity BUT I ALSO like to hear the music as close to a "flat" unequalised response as possible!!! (sometimes, I like to switch between the two!)
Okay, back to the Sennheiser PX 100-mk2, about 3 years ago I had the original mk 1 version which I really did like, but unfortunately stood on them, anyway in my search for the best possible sound quality for the best possible price, I was drawn back to these headphones, by looking over some of the reviews, especially one in particular, I'm a member of Head HiFi the same review was also posted on there. To sum up, what he was saying was this.......these headphones he uses as his No1 set of headphones and was comparing them and holding them up to MUCH more expensive headphone (stuff I could never afford!!!) Its a VERY long and detailed review, probably even longer than this one is going to turn out to be!!!
It got me thinking.....YES I remember with my old px100 thinking GOD these are good ! ! ! BUT I think probably been a little snobbish about the size of the headphone thinking, yea yea they are good BUT they cant really be that good because of the size of them.....can they ???
I have received my new PX100 mk 2 now.........I have to say and concur with EVERTHING that was said in that review......... these headphone really are FIRST CLASS of the VERY highest order!!!
How Sennheiser have managed to pack such a high quality first class audiophile sound into such a small driver is completely beyond me!!!
The spectrum of sound and the quality that it is delivered with is simply BREATHTAKING....the ONLY limit to the sound quality of these headphones is the one created in your mind from seeing there size and your mind been incapable of believing that it is possible for such a high quality of sound to be created from something so small!!!
Don't get me wrong I LOVE my AKG K92 they really are brilliant, but I have to say and this is no bad reflection on the AKG K92 rather a nod to just how far the Sennheisers have been able to achieve something, and a sound quality which defies all logic and reasoning when you look at the size of them........The Sennheisers have just as good a sound depth and detail as the AKG k92 and dare I say this, yes I would say ever so slightly better!
The ONLY thing that matters to me is the sound quality, the bass response and delivery of these headphones is beyond really unbelievable !!!
I do not care that they are open and leak sound, I do not care that the jack lead is not a fancy gold plated one, I do not care the cable look so thin, I do not care the earphone pads look cheap, I don't care they feel flimsy and fold every which way but loose.........
When I snap them into position, place them on my head and plug them in, I smile, at the quality, the comfort, the sound stage, the depth of bass, the clarity of the mid range and highs created by these little wonders of sound engineering and sound quality ! ! ! PERIOD !
These are a lot more comfortable to wear if you swap the flimsy foam ear pads for the thicker ones from the PX200. :)
Nice one, thanks for that, it amazes me that Sennheiser for afew pounds more, have not released a premium version with better earpads, a thicker and better quality lead and a gold connector, I'm not complaining, like I said in my review is just the sound quality that interests me....but I'm sure they would be onto something if they did, I think it would help some audiophiles to see them in a better light and see past those cheap looking pads etc.....hay ho 
Ive just been an Amazon and picked up some black soft leather pads for the PX200 and PX100 for £1.52 (including delivery lol) the original Sennheiser ones were £10
Thanks for the recommend !
Pros: Deep bass, lightweight
Cons: Leakage, prone to cable breakage
I've been through 9 pairs of these (more on that later). They're may go to headphones for running and commuting. Warm, smooth delivery and deep bass. Perhaps a little heavy on the low-mids, but I like it that way.
These are open back headphones which means no external noise isolation. For safety reasons, this makes them especially suitable for running, walking and even cycling (at low volumes). But they're probably less suitable for train commutes where leakage could be a problem.
The main problem with these headphones is that the connection inside the cable eventually breaks leaving one channel dead. I've experienced this on 8 pairs (the 9th pair got chewed through by my cat). Fortunately, the guarantee lasts 2 years and Sennheiser (NL) are quick to send out replacements. So I see these as a consumable product that needs to be replaced at least every couple of years.
Having trouble tracking down the "i" model recently. Perhaps it's being discontinued?


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