Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones

  1. Benjerry
    My favourite universal earphones (for everyday use)
    Written by Benjerry
    Published Aug 16, 2011
    Pros - Out of head headstage, captivating sub bass, best cabling in universals
    Cons - Long burn in needed for better SQ, Bulky carrying case, base quantity (churns out "blocks" of base), high end not as refined as other top tier
    These need burn in to sound their best.
    Burning in helps to bring out the mids and highs on the ie8 and slightly tame its bass;
    The ie8 also made me realize the importance of iem build quality and comfort; so far, none of my other iems (Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Pro, EarSonic SM3, JVC HA FX700) can match the ie8 in those aspects.

    Btw please check out my review of the JVC (Japan Victor Company) HA FX700, EarSonics SM3.
  2. volted
    Written by volted
    Published Aug 7, 2011
    Pros - Clear, Wide soundstage, Great Bass, Comfortable, big range of tops
    Cons - Ear loops could be better. Nickle jack is noisy.
    Amazing IEMs!
    They are great for most types of music, but really came alive with rock/trip-hop and bass driven tracks. The bass isn't extreme, but it is full and has impact.
    The amount of fakes in the market is annoying, but go for a trusted seller, check your goods against the reference photos and photos of fakes in HF threads.
    Go for it!
    I just wish the connector was gold plated!
  3. i2ehan
    Written by i2ehan
    Published Jun 9, 2011
  4. QR2
    Best I ever had
    Written by QR2
    Published May 31, 2011
    Pros - Superb sound, very detailed, strong bass, an awesome soundstage, no microphonic, good built quality
    Cons - the sound tuning is useless, earhook, cable
    I've been using Sennheiser IE8 for 2 years and its still awesome. sadly I lost it about 2 months ago.
    The first time I use it, it sounded ordinary but after several days of burning in I finally found the true sound that is so amazing.
    The sound is detailed, clean instrument separation, strong bass, and an awesome soundstage, and no microphonic...
    but after using it for a year I have to buy a new cable because the cable broke up, and also I found the earhook is not practical to use. I got my perfect seal from the medium sized double flange tips after experimenting with all the ten tips provided. and It's so comfortable also. The carrying case is neat because it carries two reserve tips, cleaning tools, a microfiber cloth, and your IE8, but the design is complicated. 
    well its quite pricey and because this is an IEM people didn't see that this thing is expensive. And you know, it just so sad.
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    2. Cecala
      Cecala, Oct 29, 2012
    3. Hero of Legend
      Is the cable detachable?
      Hero of Legend, Nov 24, 2013
    4. Fir33
      yes it is
      Fir33, Mar 17, 2014
  5. alphaman
    2.5 years in use -- still going strong!
    Written by alphaman
    Published May 30, 2011
    Pros - Big, fwd sound; SPEED/DYNAMICS; soundstage; durability/ day-to-day reliability
    Cons - Poor isolation; poor canal fit (may slip out); muddy bass
    Own several "high-end" tradl. 'phones (Senn 650, 600, 580, bd 880 Pro; AKG701, Grado 325i; etc.) and IEMs (SM3v2, SE530). 
     >> The IE8s are my go-to cans for any use. <<
    Some one else noted (and I agree) "tunable bass port is almost useless". Even at min., there is almost too much bass (which is non-tight and a bit muddy). This feature is a gimmick. Sennheiser should invest our $$ into other aspects of IEM design (isolation, better tips, etc). Better yet, get rid of this gimmick, and all that worthless packaging/boxing, and reduce the sale price. 


    At 2+ hrs/day of use, they took over three mos. to PROPERLY burn in!


    Isolation is very poor. None of the stock tips help here. The Comply doped-foam tips are okay, but they don't last long. Comply's are also very hard to fit on to the nozzle. I snapped off both (L/R) nozzles (which, thank goodness has a soda-bottle-cap-like break-seal thread)  trying to twist one on/off.  But now, both nozzles are no longer affixed :frowning2: 

    The Comply is also more PITA to use: roll/insert/wait for it to expand. By sheer luck, my Teclast T51 DAP came with a pair of free IEMs (R8) with extra set of tips. They are double-flanged and tapered -- somewhat like Etymotic -- silicone types and they fit the IE8 nozzle very well. By far, the best overall IE8 tip I've used. Dunno how to buy these separately, tho'. (Note, the Teclast R8 tips I'm talking about are not the ones in the R8 photo --- they are additional tips that come with the R8 package). 


    All that said, this unit is going strong after 2.5 years of 2-3 hrs daily use. The transducers seem indestructible (typical Sennheiser!!) -- still do not distort despite my DAP/amp's massive on/off thumps, and sometimes high volume demands :wink:


    Comparing: My Shure E2C and SE530 cables "rotted" away after 9 mos.! The Shures and Westones simply do not compare WRT sonics ... IMO. Maybe, I don't like BA sound. I'll try the SM3 v2 shortly.


    They are my fave head-/ear-phone ... period (uh... full stop for the UK!)



    Noticed few comments on PRAT (pace, rhythm, acceleration, timing), tempo/speed (fast, slow, so-so),  dynamics (macro-, micro-). The 8's are the best I've heard on all these qualities and attributes. No I haven't heard them all (e.g., suspect FX700 may be better for speed). I just compared them to new (as of 2011-06-01) SM3v2s. Still way prefer IE8s.

    It's very important to break them in for at least 100hrs (use XLO CD's burn in track).

  6. ImperialX
    Groundbreaking IEM
    Written by ImperialX
    Published May 10, 2011
    Pros - Staggering soundstage, amazing audio quality, extremely durable, no microphonic, highly serviceable
    Cons - Subpar noise isolation
    There's no way to describe how good the IE8 is. You absolutely have to hear it for yourself to realize. As someone who moved up from the highly acclaimed Klipsch Image S4, I can tell you that they sound like plastic compared to these. You'll find it hard to believe what you're hearing is coming out of such a tiny IEM.
    Let me talk about the soundstage. Oh man, what a soundstage this is? Initially it's nothing special, but after burning these in for ~50 hours, they start to open up. This is one of the widest soundstage I've ever heard in an IEM. It is even comparable to full-sized headphones, provided you have a good fit. 
    These live up to Sennheiser's name when it comes to audio quality. The sound is Sennheiser's signature warm feeling. The mids and highs are all very good. The bass can be adjusted with the knob, and I find it to be plenty strong at just the second stage. There is just no flaw with the sound. It's very focused and balanced. 
    The cable is not only replaceable, but it's also one of the best material I've ever seen. It's very soft, protected by Kevlar and has almost no microphonic. One of the main things a lot of IEM suffer from is cable noise - the IE8 has none. It will also work well without its hooks, a nice news for people wearing glasses like me.
    The only downside to the IE8 is its mediocre noise isolation, but being the amazing IEM that it is, it's natural that you can buy an ACS custom tip for it. All you need to do is get your ear mould at your local audiologist, send it over, and they'll send you back a custom tip that is specifically designed to match your ears canal. If you really need a lot of isolation, the option is there as long as you have the money. 
    So all-in-all, provided you have the money, the IE8 is an excellent investment. Its only flaw can be fixed if you throw in another $100 for the custom tips, but even with that, it's still cheaper than many custom IEMs and isn't necessarily any worse. I'd recommend these without hesitation to anyone who can afford them.
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    2. syedhuz
      Dude i am currently in exactly the same position as you were i currently own Klipsch s4 which is my first step in world of good IEMs and now considering to buy IE8. I would love to know that will it be worth it as these are almost 4 times expensive than klipsch. Btw i am a newbie in the world of audiophiles and would love your prompt response. Btw i am selling mine to my friend who owned bose ie 2 and asked him to reconsider and when he was trying the ie 2 of bose and made him listen to S4 and you should have seen his face :) bose was craaappppy they should be taken to court for selling so overpriced products with no quality. Please respond asap as i have to take decision in a day about it. My email is Many thanks for the post and will be waiting for your response
      syedhuz, Jul 23, 2011
    3. ImperialX
      Sorry, I've been away from Head-Fi for a while and missed your comment. BOSE = Buy Other Sound Equipment, just remember that and you're all good. You shouldn't give out your E-Mail online though, since you'll attract spammers. My answer to you is that yes, these are definitely worth it for an upgrade from the Image S4, and with the IE80 out now the IE8 should be even cheaper.
      ImperialX, Mar 22, 2012
    4. Rangotherabbit
      I've found the foam tips that came with my IE8's provide brilliant isolation. Maybe they've changed the type of foam.
      Rangotherabbit, Aug 23, 2012
  7. dragonpark
    classic headfi!
    Written by dragonpark
    Published Dec 25, 2010
    classic headfi!
    IE8  shows in ear still have a great performance on large symphony Mishap , The knot in large scenes like the sound sense of Church Music, reverb, harmonic performance far exceeds the reduction of the other ear the same price, making it an iron, following the classic ear ER4 "Little Four"IE8 become another one! . Stage monitor is also a good choice
  8. intox
    Written by intox
    Published Nov 29, 2010
    Pros - Perfect for jogging (no microphonics), Great Sound Quality
    Cons - Average isolation
    SInce I've bought them, I let them burn-in 24/24 for a whole week.
    Before the IE8's I had the S4 which I found too bassy. The IE8 sound signature is perfect in my view. Not bass heavy at all and a wide soundstage. At first they were maybe a bit sibilant but it's fixed by burn in (more than 150hours). Maybe a bit less laid back would have been better.
    I mostly listen to rock (Indie, progressive, classic, ...) and it's great with impactful bass and wide soundstage.
    I paid them for 300€(about 400$). A bit expensive when I see people buying them for more than 100$ cheaper.
  9. nekoni
    Written by nekoni
    Published Nov 18, 2010
    Pros - good for hifi music..
    Cons - no good for pop
    had it for a month with 100+hrs on it, was bitten by my puppy T-T..
    only couple impressions left are
    1.this in ear needs to have a lot of runs on it in order to get better bass and sound stage.
    2.wide sound stage feels like the big headphones, good for classical music
    3.cant compare with any ATH's on pop music especially on j-pop at least for me..
  10. Vladimir_F1
    Written by Vladimir_F1
    Published Nov 5, 2010
    Pros - Superb SQ for that price
    Cons - Hard to say
    This is my first top tier IEM. I own it quite a long period of time.
    I am very happy with the SQ.... Anyway here is my review after 5 days of usage =)  ( i left it in seller website)
    Честно говоря звук сразу после распаковки был ужасен :) Но я знал что динамическим затычкам надо время что бы 'раскрытся'. Так и произошло. Буквально через 5 часов они зазвучали значительно лучше. После 80 + часов разогрева звук поражает :) Я не сказал бы что люблю слушать гитару или пианино. В основном я люблю электронную музыку. Но блин, когда я услышал как в них звучит гитара. Это словами не передать. Аж мурашки по коже пробежались. Вокал тоже очень радует. Басы мягкие и упругие. Очень приятные. Когда их одеваеш такое чуство вроде бы музыка вокруг тебя. Она везде, а не только в твоей голове. Вобщем, советую всем кто любит звук сенхайзера. Единственное с чем могут возникнуть проблемы это с подходящей насадкой. Слава богу мне как минимум 2 пары подходят идеально. Всем правильного выбора :)
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