Sennheiser/HR Balanced Stock HD650 Cable

General Information

As part of our continuing HeadRoom mission to make high-end balanced headphone sound widely available, we are now offering a balanced stock recable for the Sennheiser HD-650HD-600 will also fit the discontinued HD-580 model. Priced at only 99 bucks, this HeadRoom-designed and manufactured XLR-to-14 cable conversion system will provide superb balanced-drive sound quality at a third of the cost of other balanced cabling offerings with arguably equal audio results depending entirely on your personal listening tastes of course. Please note that the cable will not work with any headphone amplifier or pre-amp outputs that are male XLRs. HeadRoom employs high-end Neutrik connectors for the stereo leftright terminations on our Balanced Stock Sennheiser HD650 cable.The nice bonus is the balanced to unbalanced adaptor will allow our customers to easily use their Sennheiser headphones with virtually any headphone amp whether its a balanced XLR-output unit or a single-ended 14 configuration. Just another way for HeadRoom to get it right between your ears.


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