Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones

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The HD 650 has superbly low harmonic distortion and precision sound reproduction across the entire frequency range. The bass is well ballanced and crisp, with authentic deep bass reproduction. The treble and mid range are well ballanced and ensure superbly realistic voice reproduction. Instrumental music pleasantly natural and yet lower notes clear and vibrant.
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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Um uhh everything? They're awesome
Cons: The cable is kinda annoying, it keeps getting in the way and my ears get zapped occasionally (very low air humidity in here)
From a post of mine:
I realized something about the HD650, now that I'm listening to my 2nd pair (rebought ~6 years after selling my 1st pair): an immature listener might completely under-appreciate what they do, how they present recordings, have no idea and then just sell them like I did. It took me that many years to understand what I want and what I hear... It's hard to explain but at the moment I feel like these bastards will only be sold if I go deaf. They're just so competent, they shift my attention to music. The detail level is really good and the way they image is sorta enigmatic but competent and engaging. I can't say that I miss the soundstage or sub-bass of my bass-port modified Q701. It's like when you listen to HD650 you're in a world where other headphones don't exist, or the things that HD650 are incapable of are just irrelevant or don't matter. This second pair smells exactly the same as my 1st (I wonder what psyche-manipulating stuff Senn puts into that fragrance...).

BTW I think it's important to maintain the pads in good shape, replace them once they compress and especially replace them right away on a newly acquired used pair (mine is ~12 years old).
Love this review...! i guess senns are dipping HD6XX's in some kind of crazy evaporating drug that can only be heard...! i am also in love with my HD6XX + OTL Tube.
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New Head-Fier
Pros: .
Cons: .
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New Head-Fier
Pros: Extremely scalable depending on the amp! An all rounder and my daily headphones for everything, media e.t.c
Cons: Couldn't fault them. Having owned the hd800s I can say they are laid back by comparisson but that's why i love them. They're great for anything and everything. Just power them and be rewarded!
My pros and cons are sufficient. There are many including myself who will vouch for this being one of the greatest purchases you'll make if you're looking to get Into hi fidelity listening.

You can get them used and burned in for next to nothing now and you wont regret it. Comfort alone has been a major part in why they've always remained in my line-up.
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