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The HD 595 is the premier headphone in the new 500 Series. It boasts a new level of comfort and...

Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones

  • The HD 595 is the premier headphone in the new 500 Series. It boasts a new level of comfort and sound quality. Features include our E.A.R technology and a highly constant,compressed cellulose fleece to reduce total harmonic distortion. Velour earpads and high-quality leatherette headband both provide outstanding comfort.

Recent Reviews

  1. WhiskeyJacks
    A nice overall detail, clear, a easy listening experience(Modded version
    Written by WhiskeyJacks
    Published Jul 3, 2014
    Pros - Detail, clarity, mids that grab attention. smoother treble
    Cons - Bass is detailed but lacks body and impact, soundstage is a bit closed in for open phone(fixed with mids)
    First of I have been using the DT 990 pros and a soundMagic HP100 for a while now at least 4 months. I have had time to break both in and happened to think both did what they did great. The HP100's got sold though because at the time I needed the funds being out of a work with health issues. It wasn't that I like the HP 100 less but more of the fact that the DT 990 was a gift from my girl. That left me with one headphonethat I was listening with and for the most part I was happy have a couple of DACs to toy with and a couple amps to pair and see what sounded best. 
      I found the HD595s used(but very lightly used) for a great price, and at this point I knew I had to check into them because I have mixed reviews. I started talking to the guy that was selling these and realized I am going to go for it because I  wanted to try a Sennheiser Headphone. I was originally looking at the HD 580 but new that was never going ot happen right now alas I am still out of work. I went through with the buy and they arrived after the weekend, and after pairing them with the CDAC+ and Vali amp....they sounded like many people wrote laid back, clear, shining in the mids, sound stage not as big as some open headphones and more to the forward like standing a couple rows from the stage, and finally not much bass impact. All in all a good headphone especially for someone coming into better audio gear. I took more time because this headphone has not been burned in much, and it did open up a bit more and get more musical than the initial listening. I would say that I would they are not as enjoyable as my DT 990 pros, but that is purely preference, but what they did seem to excel at was classical, instrumental, and folk/acoustic.  
    I had read there was a mod to do with the little brother of this headphone for opening sound stage and increase bass response I believe. Now I checked out a couple threads and after videos to see if my amateur hands were capable. Thankfully the mod is relatively easy if you have worked with any kind of gadget that need basic screw driver, and in my case wire cutt/ pliers. The one bad thing about this mod before doing it is that it is irreversible...so if you do not like the changes you are out of luck. I read reviews on how the mod had sounded for the HD595, and after I felt confident enough with the responses I gathered my tools. The next section will be a more detailed reviewing of the HD595 with the mod accomplished and I am sorry if this is the wroing place to review it, but I did not know where else to. So here is my impressions after 24 hours...
    The mod was basic and the only real hardship through the whole process was removing the plastic internal grill that is under the drivers. Once I had completed then reassembled the headphones I sat down and did some more serious listening. Now as far as sources go I used Foobar2000 and Mediamonkey with using 24/96khz flac and 16/44.1 flacs... so nothing to scoff at. This was also listened via CDAC+(improved isolation, and separate psu for ODAC) and the Schiit Vali, and then again on the Fostex HP-A3 using both internal amp and Vali. I must say I was surprised to hear such a difference immediately afterwards and that I can definitely say that the stage spread out a bit, and while opening up became more clear and placing the instruments was more distinct. I was kind blown away because though the sound stage was not as wide as my DT990s it may have been more deep and the sound more clear. Now I put on different types of music, from classical, to instrumental, progressive rock, indie/alternative, hip hop, and binaural+ tracks as well. And honestly every artist I listened to from Arcade fire, to radiohead, to pink floyd, to Aesop rock, to Adele sounded good.  I did not have to eq any of the lower frequencies which was a nice change because I do have to apply eq to the higher frequencies with the DT990s on some tracks after the 2k range.
    I actually had my girl who is not a enthusiast by any means, but more so one of the most honest unbiased people I know, and she actually just started realizing things such as burn in which I never told her about. She brought it up about a month or so after she bought her headphone, she looks back at me and goes " babe I know this is going to sound silling and maybe a bit strange but I swear my headphone sounds better than before . Like maybe something is wrong with my hearing" I just started chuckling and got a stern grimace of "what the hell" from her. 
    Welll I had her listen to the headphones prior and she did not care for them that much being  more of fun headphone lover, and I had her sit down and really listen, and immediately she said she could hear where everything better and it does not sound so close. She then after some more serious listening  said she prefers CDAC+ and Vali with this unit and that she feels like she can move more to the music than before not understanding why, I then explained I had removed the inner cloth and grills.  
    So main story is I absolutely still love and enjoy my DT 990s but now I do not have any reservations about buying the HD595. I do not know if it just placebo that I am noticing difference, but after to bringing my girl into listen i highly doubt it. I think most people out there prefer the HD598, HD600, HD650...well understandable I actaully want a HD600. If though you are like me, and on a budget you can find this hp normally on ebay for around 100-120$, and if you keep an eye out you can get them for below 100$ like I did.  I have actually been listening to the HD595s ever since this mod and I do not regret buying them because I really believe they are a great pairing in contrast with the DT 990 pros. I know this is not my best review and impressions but I hope someone finds it useful. 
    0701142209b.jpg 0701142209a.jpg 0701142208a.jpg 0701141733.jpg 0701142206.jpg
                                                                                                                                                          My daughter likes them quite a bit...hah.
    These are some photos of the HD595s and how they look, and plastic build put aside I happen to think these are great looking headphones. Also, I like the way the driver looks showing through the grill like this, because it kind of gives it a cool and unique look.
  2. beepover
    Fantastic but lacking bass
    Written by beepover
    Published Oct 19, 2013
    Pros - Polite headphones
    Cons - Lacking bass
    Only 3 headphones in my collection are better thank HD595: AKG-Q701, HD600, HD650.

    Compared to HD595 For sound AKG-Q701 is a superior buy for the price. It has good comfort and decent fit and finish.

    All open Senn headphones have Superior comfort, fit and finish. Althought the HD595 is a step down in sound from the AKG-Q701 it has everything else beat.

    But I would say if you have 200 bucks, get the AKG-Q701. For the price, I have to admit the AKG are a fantastic value. Spending anything more, get the HD600 series. The Q701 is $250 bucks for HD600 series sound.
    1. xtitan1
      I have not heard a better system than the one I currently have (budget reasons, but am attending a meet soon!).
      I am using HD 595s with a uDac 2 and I agree that they lacking bass. I also have had issues with sibilance. Who knows if this is the phones or something else in my chain.
      I equalize, and with a boost to the low end and a dip at 8K, both of these problems are solved to my satisfaction. Again, maybe this isn't valuable since I may not know what I'm missing :)
      However, I CAN talk about the comfort of these headphones. I have had these for about 4 years. I am so used to wearing them that I put them on when I'm at the computer regardless of whether I'm listening to something or not. They go around year and rest on your head instead of resting on your ear, and I can (and have) worn them for 24 hours straight. They're amazing in this regard.
      xtitan1, Oct 21, 2013
  3. MrMateoHead
    A sick introduction to better-end headphones
    Written by MrMateoHead
    Published Nov 13, 2012
    Pros - Supreme comfort, supreme long-term listening, works with most music, easily amped by common sources
    Cons - A little too "repressed" for rock n' roll, atrocious 1/4 to 1/8 adapter
    I've owned these Senns for over 3 years, and don't plan on getting rid of them either, even having bought an audibly superior set of phones from a competitor. Hopefully that says a lot - these are too good to just abandon, but not quite good enough to have satisfied me til death do us part. I have discovered that they fare even better with a quality Amp/DAC solution, which was a nice surprise. With better equipment, they certainly hold their own against my HE-400s, and call the value of the extra-costs of buying the HE-400s into question. But, without question, their performance has some limits which coaxed me to finally  move on.
    I find these phones to be extremely enjoyable for low-moderate volume listening and long wearing periods. They are very comfortable, light, and the 1-sided cord doesn't get in the way often.
    The design is tasteful. The headband and velour pads are soft, supportive, and overall a sense of quality is conveyed. The cups adjust to your head 'automatically', though I have noticed that positioning has an effect on the overall sound - it is easy to fall in and out of the 'sweet spot'. Stock cord includes a 1/4 inch plug, which should have been a 1/8 since I've never in my life used them with something that had such a jack. The adapter sucks - put it on and you have a stiff 4 inch long plug hanging precariously off your laptop, phone, Mp3 player, or computer. I was too cheap to replace this, and luckily no accidents so far. I never cared for the color scheme, which is somewhat too drab for me. But these are light, comfortable, and have proved durable. Minimal signs of wear in the years I've had them, and absolutely no issues.
    Sound quality is superb across a wide-range of music formats, with a very detailed sound, fairly textured bass, good vocals, and a slightly forward (but polite) treble response. I think the sound is best at low-mid levels, as they can seem a little too forward and "fall apart" a bit at high volumes. They otherwise have a nice punchy mid bass with most music, and a slightly aggressive presentation which is more spacious than most other phones I've tried. They are well balanced, and the sound is generally never fatiguing if volume levels are kept in check. They are excellent for very-long listening sessions. I can't recommend them for rock and metal, as they are a little too laid-back to make those their best formats. I can't recommend them for "bass heads", as these cans are geared more toward those who appreciate a balanced presentation.
    These are an excellent choice for those who want to experience a high end sound at a reasonable price, and who want to avoid investing in expensive audio equipment to enjoy them. As a result of owning these, I would not hesitate to purchase other higher-end Sennheiser product. I would simply be cautious about choosing among them, as I like headphones that presents modern rock, pop, and metal in a more transparent and energized fashion, and Sennheiser seems to err on 'comfort' over exitement.
    1. XxDobermanxX
      Good review, did you know this was a standard for halo competitive gaming?
      XxDobermanxX, Nov 14, 2012
    2. MrMateoHead
      Lol. I've gamed plenty with mine. I've only played Halo once, loved it. Too poor for Xbox + Live + HD TV + 3 friends.
      MrMateoHead, Nov 14, 2012
  4. RollaJase
    Written by RollaJase
    Published Oct 28, 2012
    Pros - Comfortable and geat sound
    Cons - lacking bass before burn in and stock cable
    I have had these headphones for around 3 years now and love them. When I first got them I admit the bass was a bit weak as most people point out but with some burn in they really started to liven up. They are also very comfortable, I can wear them all day with no discomfort and sometimes forget I even have them on. My only issue with them was the stock cable. The stock cable is quite long, not overly flexible and is terminated in a 6.5mm jack. All of these things combined make for uncomfortable portable listening. I upgraded the stock cable with a custom cable made by Double Helix and haven't looked back.
    Highly recommended at a reasonable price.
  5. DudeAbides
    Very Impressed
    Written by DudeAbides
    Published Oct 16, 2012
    Pros - Amazingly Comfortable, Great Detail and Balance, Attractive Design, Minimal Distortion
    Cons - None Yet
    These were the first pair of over-ear Sennheiser headphones I purchased, and I had no idea how much detail I had previously been missing in the high and mid range. I also had no idea how comfortable a pair of headphones could actually be. I've owned them for over four years now and haven't experienced any quality issues. The headband and all aesthetic aspects of the headphone look as good as new, and the sound quality is as fantastic as ever. I found the bass of these headphones to be accurate and sufficient without sacrificing balance and detail. You probably shouldn't get these if you're looking for heavy bass or noise isolation but if you want great comfort, detail, and balance then these really are hard to beat at this price range.
    1. XxDobermanxX
      Also very good for gaming....FPS anyone ?
      XxDobermanxX, Oct 16, 2012
    2. juantendo8
      Yes, fantastic all-around headphones that were my first open circumaural. Neutral and inoffensive enough for music, and spectacular for gaming. Especially considering I got mine for $80.
      juantendo8, Oct 16, 2012
    3. XxDobermanxX
      @juantendo8 $80 bucks? woooow!!!!
      XxDobermanxX, Oct 22, 2012
  6. silverstone
    Sennheiser Cheats
    Written by silverstone
    Published Jan 14, 2012
    Pros - Comfort
    Cons - build quality, drivers, etc.

    My trust in Sennheiser is gone

    For more detailed review on the sound itself there is alot of other really good reviews..this review focus on value for money.
    Short said... Don't buy
    Been a fan of sennheiser for many years...my trust is now completely gone!!!
    I own 4 pairs of sennheiser, HD650, 595 and two pairs of in-ear... always use my HD650 at home and the in-ears when im on the move. 

    A few years back i spend money on a pair of hd 595's to use on the move but never really used them because the in-ears is easier to carry with me.
    I put my 595's in the 650 casing where they have been for two years since i dont use them. The 595's are as new... the cord has the same folds as when i brought them... even the new smell is still there.
    The other day i decided to give them a try...and so i did.
    I noticed a faulty resonance in the left driver so i opened them and found to my surprice that the driver was not in "shape" so i carefully corrected the driver. It turns out that it was not the cause of the problem... the driver was simply defect. 

    Since the 595's was as new i decided to search for a new driver for them... and hopefully free of charge from sennheiser since i never used the headphones (even the 24 months warrenty is over i would expect sennheiser to deliver free of charge as good costumer service since this clearly is defect caused before it was packed)
    I searched the internet for a spare driver and found posts from people with same problem. 
    Also found out that my Sennheiser 595 headphone holds same driver as hd555!!! only difference is that sennheiser adds a piece of foam in 555 to block some of the frequency. So if you remove the piece of foam on the 555 you get a pair of 595. 
    On top of that i find the build quality og 555 to be better than 595. I allways had the belive that the money spend extra on 595 was put in the drivers... not true!!! Sennheiser cheats.

    This link clearly shows the driver is the same:

    Been told that the price for the 595 driver is higher even its the same driver as 555!? which means that sennheiser is selling the same driver at two different prices.

    Have always recomended Sennheiser to my friends etc. but that is now in the past. MY TRUST IN SENNHEISER IS COMPLETELY GONE.

    To correct...Sennheiser now sells the 555/595 driver at same price....57$ each!!!!! that's 114$ for a pair of  spare drivers (without shipping)!!! 

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    2. XxDobermanxX
      Sennheiser is the pound for pound king, and the hd 555 and hd 595 dont sound the same even with the mod, if you want to know the word overrated check the Ath-M50
      XxDobermanxX, Oct 22, 2012
    3. beepover
      I have had two HD555 and I have an HD595. The HD555 even with the mods do not sound half as good as the HD595. You are out of Warranty. You should have caught defect within the 2 years. I have many headphones. HD600, HD650, AKG Q701, SR-60, SR-80, Ultrasone HFI-780, ATM-50s, Bose QC15 to name some. Sennheiser by far is the most comfortable headphones out there and has excellent style, build and durability.
      beepover, Oct 19, 2013
    4. TontoGoldstein
      This review is nonsense. I have 595's powered by a tube headphone amp and they sound amazing. I don't know what the HD 555's are nor do I care, and I find the 595's to be good value. I've had them for 5 years and they still look new. Really if you need more bass go buy some Beats by Dre, these are high quality headphones. 
      TontoGoldstein, Jan 30, 2017
  7. Necrontyr
    Best buy for new enthusiasts
    Written by Necrontyr
    Published Sep 23, 2011
    My best set of cans to date : Summary of my opinion
    Top Notch sound
    Superb soundstage
    Can be driven by iPods Very comfortable
    A detachable cable like the HD485 would have made these my #1 
    Could have a more durable headband. 
    1. audioTinkR
      Are these the newest iteration of the the second best Sennheisser headphones available? I mean if the HD800 had a detachable cable as does the HD485 why wouldn't these unless they are old...I am really debating between Sennheisser's or AKG Q701 or some other version. Thanks and great review, also how was the sub-bass???
      audioTinkR, Sep 23, 2011
    2. Necrontyr
      I do believe the second best available are the hd650's , the reasoning behind these being fixed cabled I do not know, although the cable is user replaceable with care, just open the unit and insert the end point pins into the slot. This model hasn't changed since its inception that I know of.
      If your going to buy I recommend checking ebay first , i have bought many pairs of cans that way and as far as i can tell all Audiophiles care for their phones amazingly well.
      The Sub-bass hasn't got the best response for my current setup, driving it from an ipod Touch 4g , but i'll be able to give you a better verdict when my amp arrives next week (headphone amp fiio E7) . Atm i find bass understated but still there, it wont judder your head but it is tight and well controlled, for instance listening to Du Hast by Rammstein or Deep by PJ are both a pleasure but not as strong as the bass response from my HD 485's , (but they are easier to drive so I cant make a direct comparision)
      Necrontyr, Sep 23, 2011
    3. alexsj
      These are great cans for the money (and you got a really good deal at $70). They are very light and comfortable but do feel a bit flimsy. They are very neutral and accurate but I like, on balance, the Audio Technica ATH AD700s better in this price range. I find that they bring out more detail in my music.
      alexsj, Sep 25, 2011
  8. Kroc
    Awsome Starting Audiophile Headphones
    Written by Kroc
    Published Sep 9, 2011
    Pros - Looks, Comfort, Crispy, Comes with Desk Mount
    Cons - Lack of Bass, Large, Have to use converter to get to 3.5mm
    After building my new PC system I figured I would be missing a whole front if i excluded the audio portion. I added a X-Fi Titanium HD soundcard (after reading much about sound cards, i game alot so this was the obvious choice.) and i replaced my old HD202 headphones. (The best 20 dollar headphones you could ask for<3)  I trusted the sennheiser brand so i was looking down their product line looking for a suitable pair of headphones.I didnt want to break the bank, i didnt even know what high quality cans sounded like, i was only going off reviews. My budget was around $200, seemed to be on the starting side of audiophile-esque headphones. Low and behold after much reading i found a pair of these for about $99 (open box return.)  What i got was exactly what i needed, some **** great headpones.

    What i listen to mainly is Rap, Dubstep, Movies, and i play lots of PC games.  This is where i went wrong(ish.)   The bass on these cans is quite pathetic.  You can hear the SOUND of the bass, but you cannot FEEL the punch of the bass. Rap, Dub, and Games bass is a huge part which im missing out on.  The mids, and highs sound great (to an audiophile in training), super crisp, chilling at times. I love it. These are my first time trying open-air headphones, now i dont ever want to go back, i love how they feel, i dont feel smushed between 2 speakers, but more immersed in the sounds. Super comfortable pair of headphones. Comes with a desk-mount headphone holder, works alright, but i just picked up a banana holder to use as a headphone stand right here off amazon. (It should be arriving soon.  Exciting!)

    Conclusively, if these are in your budget, looking to get into some higher quality headphones instead of the typical  $20 step on / break / buy another pair   type of headphones go for it.  Even for my type of music i would still be very happy with these, i am going to continue to use these until i can find a suitable replacement, some with some punchy bass. Until then though, i will be still rocking my dubstep, listing to some crisp crisp music, and loving every second of it. The only reason its 4/5 is the lack of bass punch.

    Worth the money!
    (Posted this on Amazon reviews too)
  9. deadspider187
    Great All-arounders
    Written by deadspider187
    Published Sep 6, 2011
    Pros - Lively and involving. Good for any genre. Great for female vocals
    Cons - Muddy bass. Highs rolloff a little early. Not the best musical detail.
    Great for any genre you can through at it, they would suit a starter really well.  I overpaid for mine.  If you are interested in these, you are better off buying the HD555's and doing the foam mod (same drivers).  The soundstage mod greatly enhanced the airyness to them and I highly recommend it.  They sound great with electronic and rock, but lack some detail compared to other cans in this price range.
  10. Pantoboy
    Great Cans- HD 595
    Written by Pantoboy
    Published Jun 16, 2011
    Pros - Excellent Treble, and the most comfortable headphones ever? (Better than the HD600 in my opinion)
    Cons - Cracks appear after 6 months- Some may think the bass to be lacking
    They may be my first entry into Audiophilia, but they aren't the only headphones I've listened to. HD 600's they are not, but for the price ( especially now that they are discontinued), they're great. I have the 50 ohm model, and it can be powered by an iPod, without an amp, though one is always recommended.
    This review is beginning to sound like an exercise in common sense, and unlikely to  win anyone over, so I think I should try a different approach. In a fight between a Panda and a Bear, these headphones would make you forget about the battle, and think about something else entirely. Too long have audio reviews been filled with boring comparisons, and bland words like 'soundstage' and 'burn-in'. These do require 'burn-in', and they have a great 'soundstage', but it's far more important to give real world examples. 

    If these headphones were an animal, they would be the Honey Badger. They may be small, they may be an odd black and Dark grey colour (so the Headphones are more green in real life, just run with this analogy) and God help them, they aren't the most fearsome or scary of creatures, but when things get going, they'll take down a lion (here's looking at you overpriced and Bass Heavy headphones). (Really, they can take down lions. They know no fear.)

    I know this wasn't what one might expect in a Headphone review, and I know many purists will hate it's lack of detail, and boring phrases, but for the entry audiophile, you could do a lot worse, and if you slag them off, I'll send a swarm of Honey Badgers to your house and they'll show you what they can do.
    1. moblin
      moblin, Jul 26, 2011


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