Sennheiser CX300 II Precision Red

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  1. jagalan
    "Absolute crap"
    Pros - Great sound
    Cons - Poor construction quality
    Sound great, can't expect more from an in-ear headphone... but they're so badly constructed that mine's broke after 2 months. Cheap plastic everywhere and a connector that broke after 1 week. This headphones are a scam. Bought them to replace my old MX500 that lasted for 5 years, unfortunately Sennheiser is not what it used to be.
  2. Headzone
    "Nice Sennheiser branded in-ear "
    Pros - Sound quality, build quality, made to deliver
    Great in-ear for people who like to listen to modern music. Extended bass rsepone.
  3. raymond555
    "Sennheiser CX300 II Precision"
    Pros - great bass,light and easy on the ears.wide sound stage.
    Cons - annoying high tones.mediocre overall sound quality
    I've heard good thing about sennheiser,well those one are definitely  are not the one to get!!
    Although the bass is great and very punchy,the high's are all messed up and very annoying,and so are the mid's.
    If you gonna listen to techno,dance,trance,this are the right for you,otherwise,SKIP IT!!
  4. pocketrocket
    "Does it's job on the go."
    Pros - asymmetric cord, fit, portability, very durable, isolates well, quantity of bass...
    Cons - ...quality of bass, high extension rolls off and sound distant, muddy, picks interference from static electricity
    I got a gift card to this store and the only worthwhile earbuds they sold were these (others being some $10 really uncomfy looking Sony and Philips ones). I knew these are widely loathed, atleast among the elitists in 4chan. I can see why, but they're exaggerating in my opinion, these are fairly decent, especially if you can grab them for $30 something. More than that and you could do better, I suppose.
    Sound Quality:
    There's a load of bass, and it sounds OK and doesn't distort, but it could be significantly faster (in dubstep and speedcore, music detail is lacking. They're loud but not clear). On the go you won't notice this, so it's a non-issue for me. The highs could extend further, but then again these buds are really easy on the ears because they don't hiss or shizzle. Still, the highs are rolled off enough for these buds to sound excessively smooth at points, but for this price I forgive them.
    A word of caution: these earbuds are quite sensitive, so using them from a laptop or computer headphone out is not advised or the noise will drive you insane. They might be less sensitive than IEMs of some sort but compared to regular headphones they're sensitive. The wire is also badly insulated and cracks and pops when it brushes with artificial cloth due to the static electricity, but that's only noticeable when not listening to music and in a fairly quiet environment, so that's another non-issue.

    A huge plus for me is their durability. I've stepped on the wire and buds, dropped my cellphone with these plugged into them, slammed a car door on the wire and drove over the left earbud with it, ran on the forest and got tangled on a tree from the wire and the thin thin wire doesn't mind at all, although there's a crack on the left side bud they still sound as they were the day I bought them. And they look good too!
    When these finally die from all the abuse they get, I'll get another pair, or get the CX-250 which have been said to be a bit more for less.

    PS. Someone could maybe merge all these Sennheiser CX-300 II entries, there's now 4 of them.