Schitt Lyr 3 Headphone Amplifier

General Information

Lyr 3 in excellent condition. Comes with stock tube (x2) as well as the tung sol tube sold by Schitt. Photos available upon request. Asking $350. Paypal and shipping on buyer.


I am sorry, it does not. But as it happens, I am selling a modi 3, modi multibit, grace sdac balanced and an SMSL SU8 V2. I would even throw in a pair of PYST cables if you were interested in buying one of these dacs.
Thank you. The Modi Multibit may indeed be of interest.
Are you first owner of the Lyr 3 ? How long ago was it purchased?
You said it is in excellent condition - may I assume that's also cosmetically excellent ?
Being in this hobby combined with my insatiable curiosity is a killer combo for sure! lol! Yes, I am the original owner of the Lyr 3. I used to have a Jotunheim with the balanced DAC card and found the sound quite harsh and not really musical to my ears. I bought the Lyr 3 because of all the positive reviews I've read on it and seemed to be what I was looking for and was as powerful as the Jotunheim to boot. Most of my cans were single ended so I figured this would be great paired with my Modi Multibit. And it is a great combo for sure. I purchased the Lyr 3 on April 4th 2019 so nearly a year ago. Yes it is in like new condition. Right now I have two THX 789's mated to a Topping D70 & D90. I use the D70 primarily for my gaming rig and the D90 for my music. I am just trying to sell off my excess stuff. I also have a Vali 2, Heresy, magni 3 and Atom headphone amplifiers.
Hi, sorry it took a couple days to get back. I'm in a similar situation => lots of hardware lying around as a result of 2 years of searching for the sound I like. Have a Vali 1, Vali 2, Magni 3, Modi 4490, Asgard 2, (tried a Valhalla also), Burson Conductor SL with 1793 (I like that one quite a bit) , Cambridge-audio dacmagic plus (did not like it that much), ArCam delta BalckBox 3 (my legacy system), Rotel RCD 855 (sounds quite nice with the Asgard 2), audio quest dragonfly red (sounds quite good with Vali 2) and Dragonfly Cobalt (quite good by itself), Cord Mojo (also very nice although I'd love some more detail and natural clarity), Audio GD R2R 11, and on and on ... Not done yet. Not even close. Have been curious for a while re Lyr3 in combination with a detailed DAC. Interesting that you ended up with a 4499 vs Multibit. Topping must have done a great job on the D90! Loong story short : Yes, I'd like to buy the Lyr 3 from you. How much would you ask for the Modi Multibit ? Thx.
Ok, I'd say let's call it $500 for everything. That gets you the Lyr3 plus 3 tubes(including the original tube) and the Modi multibit.I used to have an Audio Gd product (NFB11) but sold it awhile ago. For my multibit needs I have a Bifrost 2 in da house which I love as well. I actually had it paired with the Lyr3 when I got it and was a great combo as well. Yes, the D90 measures and sounds great with my 789. I predominantly use my Focal Elex and Focal Elear with Utopia pads. Very happy. I am interested in the Hifiman Sundara, Ananda and Arya. The Sundara and Ananda would probably be side-grades to what I currently have and I really dont want to spend $1600 for a pair of freaking headphones (Arya) although I'd love to have 'em. I can shoot you some photos of everything if you would like tomorrow as everything is packed away and I have to dig them out.
Hi, would the original offer of just the Lyr3, no dac also Still stand? i am considering the bifrost ...
Hey Soundmancan,
it has been a turbulent few weeks for everyone. I am not sure what is the right thing to do. Whats the corona-virus situation in your neck of the woods? Would you be able to send it by ups ground or a fedex equivalent? Cheers.
At this point I really dont want to make any trips out to the store or whatnot considering whats going on. Im on long island and the crap is just crazy. I am going to hang on to it for now and when this stuff slows down (hopefully) I'll send it out to you if you still want it. My family's well being is my main concern right now. Hope you understand. I wont be able to take care of them if i get sick ya know? As far as the sale, TBH i have never sold anything on here before so I guess it would be paypal in some fashion.
I appreciate the update and your decision makes perfect sense. Similarly crazy here (Colorado) though not quite as restrictive yet. Was speaking with a friend today who lives in northern italy. Its not funny there and we must do everything we can here in the US to prevent or mitigate as much as possible!
Yes hopefully it doesn’t get bad but it’s passed 15000 in the state confirmed cases who knows how many unconfirmed there are. Crazy days
Hi, how are you and your’s ? I hope you where able to stay away from covid19 ! We hear in the news that new york made it through the worst and things are stable now for the most part. We where able to keep things low in colorado but recently there have been spikes again and it could all escalate in a matter of weeks. I thought i’ll check in and hear how things went for you! All the best! CPD
Much appreciated! I hope you and yours are faring well as well! So far so good as they say, however, we are months into this and we really still don't really know much about it which I find to be curious. This whole covid business sucks and you just cant trust what the media is saying about anything. My family and I are just protecting ourselves the best we can by wearing masks and sanitizing our hands as well as distancing ourselves from others. All I know is this whole situation we are in stinks and I hope it is over sooner rather than later. Be well my friend!