SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player (Black)

General Information

The Sansa Clip+ MP3 player gives you more to enjoy.  Enjoy up to 2,000 songs†† with an 8GB* player, FM radio, long-life battery and voice recorder. PLUS now even more! Expand your enjoyment when you add in preloaded content cards** into the new memory card slot, including slotRadio™ and slotMusic™ cards**. Or, save your own music, podcasts, and audio books onto a microSD™/microSDHC™ memory card** to expand your play.It’s brought to you by SanDisk with awesome sound to enjoy your music. Just clip it on and enjoy more music with an incredible 15 hours† battery-fueled fun. See what you’re listening to with the bright, easy-to-read screen and intuitively searchable menus. Color your world in red, blue or sleek black undertones.

Latest reviews

Pros: Sounds perfect to me. Really small, portable. Got a nice clip. Flac support, FM radio, voice recorder.
Cons: Ugly. Almost no screen (do you really need it?)
I got a sansa clip+ for my pair of custom iems. Really small, really portable, big nice clip to clip on something while training. Almost perfect sound, some audible noise (really really low, like really low, with balanced armatures, other headphones are ok - I'll accept it, some folks may not), price - almost nothing, 10 hours battery, ugly as hell, crappy screen, fm radio, recorder, flac support, microsd card, perfect. Not much else to say, really. The thing has 1 ohm output impedance and flat frreq response, and packs some serious power. All that for the cheepy price, you can't go better, imo. Installing rockbox and the classic theme corrects some very small issues, and basically makes this perfect for music and audio. Face it, you don't need extra bulk in your pockets for a screen the size of a smartphone, eating your battery.
Pros: sound quality,rockbox,compact,robust
Cons: tiny screen,tiny battery, feels cheap
I own the current Sansa for about 3 years, so I can say I am very familiar with it.
Bad start
When I happened to own Cowon Iaudio 9 I took this guy for a minute and thought to myself - what a simple sound, it's far less powerful and enjoyable than the Cowon, I must not forget that the Cowon is a premium player and this guy is just cheap and tiny. But time passed, J3 replaced my Iaudio and at some point of time magically disappeared. When I looked for a new DAP immediately I thought about the Sansa, with all the god reviews it's getting. So sansa was bought and I was very happy with it. At one stage I found a bargain on Cowon D2, so I sold the Sansa and tried to enjoy the Cowon, but could not, in spite of it having much more powerful amplifier, battery and touchscreen as well as buttons. So D2 was sold, and I bought another Sansa that I am enjoying still.
What I like about my Sansa?
Obviously the sound. The sound is great "as is" without any manipulations whatsoever. And it's with many decent headphones.
Format support - this thing can process so many formats, that it's really hard to find unsupported ones for it.
Rockbox - this thing is just absurdly good. Many many options (not just equalizer and crossfeed) that make life so much easier
Reliability - my player have fallen so much and there are hardly any scratches on it
What I don't like ?
Recently it started to develop problems with being recognized by PC in order to transfer music. I have to turn it on and off several times.
Volume - there are almost no reserves. I am using Koss KSC-75 and Sennheiser PX80 (re-issued PX100 first edition) and at the gym I almost have to max it. Also with Koss TBSE1 at home I have to listen at 90-95% from the maximum volume.
Batery life - only about 10 hours, not so great
Bottom line
Iconic player, one of the best at it time. I think now there are better options around (for budget-conscious audiophiles) but this one surely is exceptional, mainly because of Rockbox. I know it's not ideal player, but considering it's price and features it's very close.
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Pros: Low Price, Expandable Storage, Syncable w/ Any Software, Clear Sound Quality
Cons: Compromised Build Quality, Susceptible to Water Contamination, Fragile Plastic Clip, Dodgy Quality Control
The reason I went with the 8gb model was because I previously had another Clip+ that had compatibility problems with my storage expansion card, so I went with more onboard capacity.
Also problematic with my previous Clip+ was OS instability, causing me to return it. To this, I attribute poor quality control.
These are the reasons why I subtracted 1.5 stars.
It gets 3.5 stars because when it's non-defective, it works well; It's dirt cheap, it has a clear, uncontaminated sound quality, you can sync files with any software, it's tiny and virtually weightless making it ultraportable, it clips onto your person so you can wear it with workout clothes that typically have no pockets, etc.
So cheap and so good, there's nearly no reason to not try it at least once. Just go with the 4GB model.


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