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  1. sdonati84
    One of the best sounding smartphones, thanks to the integrated Wolfson audio Hub
    Written by sdonati84
    Published May 28, 2013
    Pros - fantastic screen, very good sound quality,great battery life
    Cons - portability
    Note: audio quality tested with sennheiser momentum, v-moda m-80, sennheiser ie8
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    2. takato14
      Funny thing, I just got a Note II as my next phone. I haven't tested it fully yet but I'm interested. I can already say that the amp is an absolute wuss as it can barely handle my DT1350s. However, what is this "S Tweaks" I see mentioned? Deleting posts means questions like this need to be asked again. Don't do that.
      takato14, Jun 11, 2013
    3. sdonati84
      @takato14: Note II amp gain is SW limited. STweaks / Voodoo are used to maximize the gain and to tweak other parameters in order to maximize sound quality.
      sdonati84, Jun 12, 2013
    4. Triphead
      @takato14: STweaks is a kernel configuration app that allows you to tweak the CPU's performance, memory usage, GPU performance, and the factory-set audio settings. It's available in the Google Play Store. In relation to this review, it's specifically the audio settings that we are interested in.
      Triphead, Jun 12, 2013


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