Rega Saturn CD Player

General Information

Listed below are new features found exclusively in the Saturn

Two parallel connected Wolfson WM8740 dual differential Digital to Analogue converters improving the dynamic range and linearity.

The master clock provided by a High stability low jitter crystal oscillator module.

Substantial 60VA toroidal transformer with separate windings for audio, digital & display circuits.

High capacity power supply's utilising Nichicon Fine Gold audio grade capacitors & fast rectifier diodes.

Digital to Analogue converters utilising Solid Polymer de-coupling capacitors.

Nichicon Fine gold audio grade capacitors by-passed by Evox film capacitors are employed in the signal path, and in the audio sensitive de-coupling positions in the Digital to Analogue converters

Post DAC analogue amplifier and filter employ a Cascade pair discrete Class A amplifier using low base spreading resistance transistors.

The Post DAC analogue amplifier and filter is supplied from a low impedance supply, giving a tighter & enhanced bass.

Large double-sided PTH PCB with generous ground planes.

These improvements take sound performance far in advance of the already superior level achieved by the Apollo.

We hope you enjoy this very special new player, we have spent a long time creating it, drawing on all of our 32 years experience in specialist Hi Fi manufacturing.


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