Reference Seven

General Information

Audio-gd Reference Seven:

DSP-1 inside
Uses 8 x PCM1704U-K DAC chips
and Audio-gd Current Transmission (ACSS) Technology Applied
Truly balanced DAC with ACSS, XLR and RCA output
4 selectable inputs include: AES, BNC, RCA Coax, and Optical Toslink

Latest reviews

Pros: The Sound- Musical -Large soundstage- 3D Like-
Cons: If anything The Size Its Huge & Heavy dont want to move it around too much
There are many reviews on this. All I have to add Is you would be hard pressed to obtain simmilar quality for the price.
Great to see someone near this brand. i am about to get the Calyx Dac 24/192 but then i saw reviews about the ref 7.1 and asked Kingwa what would be the right dac for my taste (rock, indian, latin, pop new age etc) and he told me to go better with the NFB7.32 (ESS sabre) instead of the REF7.1 cuase of my music taste cuase the 7.32 is faster and more dynamic,
Any suggestions
Pros: Excellent sound, plenty of input options, price is reasonable when you consider the sound quality
Cons: not many... the uit is BIG and heavy, Audio GD website not the greatest, and shipping this thing is no fun
Pros: Outstanding sound quality, high value considering the components used, solid construction
Cons: May be too large for some people, requires a 30-60 minute warmup to sound its best, DIY-look compared to some other products
Not mass market gear, but a dream for R2R multibit sound enthusiasts. Even after all these years still in 2016 the most natural sounding DAC I´ve ever heard...


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