Reference Seven

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  1. maguire
    "Reference Seven"
    Pros - The Sound- Musical -Large soundstage- 3D Like-
    Cons - If anything The Size Its Huge & Heavy dont want to move it around too much
    There are many reviews on this. All I have to add Is you would be hard pressed to obtain simmilar quality for the price.
  2. project86
    "Awesome performance at a fairly reasonable price"
    Pros - Excellent sound, plenty of input options, price is reasonable when you consider the sound quality
    Cons - not many... the uit is BIG and heavy, Audio GD website not the greatest, and shipping this thing is no fun
  3. vrln
    "Multibit vintage at its finest"
    Pros - Outstanding sound quality, high value considering the components used, solid construction
    Cons - May be too large for some people, requires a 30-60 minute warmup to sound its best, DIY-look compared to some other products
    Not mass market gear, but a dream for R2R multibit sound enthusiasts. Even after all these years still in 2016 the most natural sounding DAC I´ve ever heard...