Qinpu A3 Integrated Amplifier

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Sometimes big things really do come in small packages. The tiny Qinpu A3 vacuum tube integrated amplifier packs a mighty high-end wallop. It delivers a beautiful room-filling 8.5 watts per channel. A pair of 6N3 output tubes contribute to the velvety and detailed sound. Audio Advisor sales rep Joe Darmogray spent a lot of time listening to the A3 and says, "I just can't see how they do it! Such high quality at this low price. It drove my Sennheiser HD800s flawlessly with power to spare. Tubes just seem to mate with headphones. They give you silky smooth highs that make you just want to keep listening. It's an integrated amp to boot! It drives my Energy C-300 just fine."

Latest reviews

Pros: sound quality, chassis build quality, glowing stuff
Cons: cord, slightly early clipping
[size=small]So, this is my first legitimate tube amp and color me impressed. I have been using it with a pair of Sennheiser HD595 headphones, a pair of Stax Lambda Pro earspeakers, and a pair of Polk Audio R300 speakers. So far, it has driven them all well. I would suggest replacing the stock tubes with something a bit better though. So far, I have been using NOS GE tubes and they work great (they are a bit smaller in height than the stock tubes, but don't be alarmed, they fit and function perfectly.) The sound signature is a little dark. It has a slightly higher than neutral amount of bass but this is about the only thing that really makes it a LITTLE dark. The mids are liquid and loveable, but not syrupy. Highs are sparkly. On the Stax, I can tell the amp has plenty of speed and handles transients with aplomb. The only negative is that on insensitive headphones/speakers, it clips slightly earlier than I'd like. The Stax play really loud though before clipping.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]The build is pretty impressive for "Made in China." The chassis is pretty much just solid milled aluminum. This being the case, it has some serious heft. The wood is also a nice touch. The cord looks slightly sketchy. I am sure it is fine, it just looks like it was made in China if you get my meaning. There are also a couple of plastic bits, but they really don't degrade the look, but I feel that they could be replaced with glass or metal, but at $200 I am sure not complaining.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]The tubes pretty much do not get hot. They get warm, but I would never really call them hot, so there is never the feeling that you are going to accidentally catch something on fire. That being said, the power transistors inside the chassis make more heat. The amp also has a relay that won't activate until the amp is warmed up, which is a nice feature. LEDs flash until it is warmed up, then stay lit up. A little detail as well, I am using the Stax with the passive SRD-7/SB transformer through the speaker output, not with a dedicated amp and the Qinpu as a preamp.[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]-Chassis build quality[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]-Glowing stuff[/size][size=small][/size]
[size=small]-Slightly early clipping[/size]
Well, made and designed in. I see your point though.
what valves does it use?
Two 5670, 6N3, 6N3P (Russian version of the 6N3,) 2C51, 396A, or 6CC42 tubes. It comes by stock with Chinese 6N3 tubes but rolling them out with pretty much anything else makes a noticeable improvement.


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