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QCY Q29 Mini Dual V4.1 Bluetooth wireless earphones

  1. NymPHONOmaniac
    Sound that do not match design promise
    Written by NymPHONOmaniac
    Published Dec 15, 2017
    Pros - Beautifull and practical design, good construction. Okay vocals.
    Cons - Congested, lack of air, bad instruments separation and overall dark and clumsy soundsignature. So so BT reception.
    QCY Q29 Wireless earphone REVIEW:

    SOUND: 6/10


    PRICE VALUE: 6/10


    Hi all, feeling bad not writing the review for a FREE product I receive out of the blue from GEARBEST and did not use much because i’m not a real Bluetooth fan and do not need this, I tell to myself, okay, honor your words man and write a true objective review about this perhaps unjustly forgotten QCY Q29.

    There we go, I put them in my ears after a little struggling (again) to connect them properly, but this time it go faster, I just keep pressing both IEM button and it get connect quite easily compared to my first attempt some months ago.

    This is mostly what impress me with the QCY : the construction and design. Were are in the futur right away we have this in hands, as it have a very elegant housing design and no cable at all (wich its what true….wireless BT should be no?).

    P7140082.JPG P7140084.JPG

    As seen, there not alot of accessories (should have more eartips as I finish using other from the included one with a smaller nozzle wich give better sound IMO). But it look quite fancy, I especially like the plastic casing that is were you charge both IEM too connecting it with micro usb inside the box, so it protect them as well as charging them and avoiding to loose one and be stock with a mono-one-ear BT IEM.

    About housing, they are bigger than they look and this can be a problem for small ears. Its about 2cm by 2cm, quite chunky! But as I have elephant ears its no an issue for me and I find them quite comfy.


    So, now, i’m obsess about connectivity with BT, especially when using it for portable speaker, and I learn this technology is far from perfect when it come to distance. Rarely it will go further than 10M without begining to loose connection, the QCY will do about 8m if there no wall or human body (yep!) between this distance. About the same than MACAW T50. About volume control or changing track, you will surprise yourself by pressing the buttons on the side of IEM, it work great I guess.

    SOUND :

    This is where i’m not impress at all, can’t say they sound horrifious, but compared to the MACAW T50 that I listen before this it is a big step down. Sound feel quite congested but not in a disastrous way, just not airy and quite foward and little dark. Bigger issue I have, and it do not help for a sound review, its that maximum volume of these Q29 isnt loud at all, I take max volume is as suggested max DB by ears doctor, so its safe for kid hourray! But not for unsafe people like me that play loud music and feel it open sound more when bass can push some air and soundstage can open wider with louder sound.

    Bass isn’t thick, its dark, dry and punchy, if we can find some warm sub (good luck) it will be suggested more than real lows. Sub and mid low mix togheter and feel veiled even if they are present and even pushed up a little.

    Vocal aren’t bad and can be enjoyed, quite fowards but a little dry too, but the mids float above rest of frequencies range so I think this QCY is good for vocal based music. Treble is a little push but strangely I still found overall sound on the dark side and not very detailed. This treble give the dryness I talk, and unwanted texture. Perhaps its due to 4.1 bluetooth sound too, can’t say, but BT sure stole the black background we wish to have and don’t sound crystal clear as with IEM (even budget). Instrument separation is near inexistant cause there no air between them, some frequencies will mix up and sound muffled or anormal, but not in a agressive way, it only happen with complex music (to avoid with this IEM).

    Highs are strange, some microdetails will pop out of music in a clumsy way and feel not natural cause overall soundsignature is dark and little veiled so it suprise when more peaky details appear. Texture isnt natural either. All in all, this is not a detailed IEM and its far from being analytical.

    Comparaison with MACAW T50 :


    The Macaw have a wider soundstage, more airy and detailed and realist sound, better bass, less fowards but better mids, better treble extension and can play a little louder. They are simply from another league when we talk about sound. Fitting with Macaw are more complicate and I finally have to use one of my memory foam tips so the little nozzle (that force the housing to touch your ears) stay in place and give good sound. Before right fitting, T50 sounded muffled and ultimately dark, but its NOT suppose to sound this way as they are really nice BT IEM and extreme price value in term of sound. Q26 have better construction and no cable at all is quite interesting and practical, even more if you plant to just use 1 IEM for works etc. Both have about 3h battery life wich isn’t that nice.


    The QCY Q26 can be practical for some, but not for real music lover and even less for budget audiophile, the design is incredible and I wish they work on the sound and will creat a APTX HD version of this with better battery life and a smaller form factor so they really can be ‘’invisible’’ as some of there adds tells. About sound, I can’t suggest them, its just too muffled and not well tweaked, if you listen to folk or solo signer it can pass, but this is not a musical IEM, if I was a business man that don’t like music but always talk on phone I will buy the Q29, but as I music lover nope, even at 15$.

    Get the MACAW T50 instead, they can be found at Gearbest for a very affordable price. I’m sure they have lot of others great BT IEM too, but im not your man for that, i’m a die hard connected IEM lover.

    PS:Comparing the price between these to, Q29 was 30$USD (out of stock at GB) and MACAW T50 are on sale right now (11 pair remaining writing this) at 9.99$. So, I think you got a good deal here if you search cheap BT earphones with more than okay sound.

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