Practical Devices XM5 Portable Headamp - Reviews
Pros: Sound and Options
Cons: a bit pricey
It's late, this will be short.
Great amp with clean adjustable crossfade, tight crisp bass boost, and the 75ohm option really helps with some phones.  I run buf634 and ad8065 chips for my K702 and hd595s.  Love the sound especially going from the xm4 to this.  Instrumental music is really brought to life, every pluck and kick separate and full.
Sadly I fried mine while changing chips when I lived in japan so I never asked James about repairing it.
Pros: Bass Boost, Trebble boost, Timer, Voltage Measurement, Nice Sound, clear and High Quality, 2 levels of power; normal and +10dBe, Crossfeed, DAC
Cons: Somewhat pricey, but not many CONS, to be honest
I've had this since 2009. It is a very nice and versatile amplifier. I use it almost every night before going to bed or sleep. I bought many accessories, the rechargeable battery and charger, plus the more expensive IC upgrade. It has a very nice stereo quality and is powerful enough to drive power hungry headphones. This portable amplifier has quenched any thirst in me for other ampfliers. I own a Phonitor, but it is for daily use. Battery runs for about 6 to 8 hours and you can recharge it while hearing music. Practical Devices Corporation has never let me down and when I needed some advice one day they responded very fast to my emails. You can buy the battery and charger from PDC but you can also use other Lithium-Polymer batteries. I am using a high quality battery bought from Thomas Distributing, a 500ma 9volt from iPowerUS ($18.97) and it has never failed. The stereo quality is superb, it sounds very clean and is powerful. I love this amp!