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Pioneer DJE-2000 In Ear Headphones Black

  • DJE-2000

    The DJE-2000 enclosed inner ear headphones are designed and sound-tuned for use by today's advanced DJs. With the clear understanding that DJs have specific audio characteristic requirements and traditionally listen to music differently, paying closer attention to the particular beats of music, Pioneer's new inner-ear headphones were made for both their leisure music listening and for music preparation while on the go. Both models have unique design features including large high quality 9.4 millimeter drivers, replaceable and detachable cables, and interchangeable earphone tips that dampen external noise.


    Type: Inner Ear headphones
    Form/Driver: Closed/hybrid driver (BA & dynamic)
    Impedance: 30 Ω
    Sensitivity: 103 dB/mW
    Frequency Response: 6 - 22,000 Hz
    Maximum Input: 500 mW
    Unit: Mid/High:balanced armature Low: φ9.4 mm dome
    Connect Cord: OFC litz wire 1.6 m (removable)
    Input Connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (Gold plate, 2-way, screw)
    Mass: 5.5-6.1g (code not included


    ¼" inch stereo plug adapter
    Earphone tips: Silicone (XS/S/M/L), ComplyTM Tx-500 foam (S/M/L), Triple flange (one-size)
    Carry case
    Cleaning brush

Recent Reviews

  1. CasperBxl
    Good construction, great cable, heavy on bass.
    Written by CasperBxl
    Published Jun 23, 2014
    Pros - Dual Driver / Hybrid, Quality of the (braided) cable, detachable cable, 6mm jack, carying case
    Cons - Mids are higs are VERY muted. "No-go" for classical music. Standard to heavy on bass, tips come plastic bag and are deformed
    Hi all,
    I just picked-up a pair of DJE-2000's (they are 30 Ohm) for 299€ in a local shop.
    I've had them for about 8 hours now ...
    Why did I pick-up these ... because they where the only nice, high quality and high-end in-ear phones they had in the shop.
    (I thought of purchasing the Shure SE535, but no shop had them ... maybe I'll get them later .... any input on that?)
    (I'm not an audiophile but I'm looking to build up ....)
    Kit, so you know where I come from:
       Beyerdynamic DT 880 Pro 250 Ohm
       AKG K551 38 Ohm
       iPod Classic 160GB
       In my PC, ASUS Xonar Xence (can drive up to 600 Ohm without problem)
       FIIO E18 Amp/DAC for Android, PC and Mac (in combination with Samsung Galaxy 5S) + 30pin L-Cable for my iPod
       (I use the FIIO E18 as USB OTG DAC + Amp on the Samsung S5)
    Well build, solid. The drivers are a bit big for my ears, on the left side the housing touches my ear (when worn over the ear).
    (after 30min ... i changed to waring them to simply down .... that was more comfortable for me)
    The right driver is colored a strong red. I can imagine that this is for bad light conditions (seen directed at DJ's).
    The cable is of great quality. Braided material. Soft and very flexible.
    There is also a hold-back sliding block on the cable to secure it behind your head (over-ear), or avoid cable mess.
    Also, no feedback at all when you move the cable, even when vigorously hitting, tapping the cable.
    The cable is detachable.
    Contents of packaging:
    Clean and nicely make packaging. Easy to open without ripping paper of whatever.
    - 6mm Jack converter with threading.
    - Number of silicon and foam tips (3 of each) in a little plastic bag ... so they are all deformed when you take them out.
      The foam tipped ones have small filters in them.
    - Small brush for cleaning.
    - Hard carrying case in rubberized / fake leather material, closed with a zipper. Case feels very solid, about the size of a hand palm (without the fingers).
    As I'm looking for a correct and 'perfect' sound these have to much bass, the highs are a bit muted.
    I use them in combination with my S5 + PowerAmp Pro + E18, I used the EQ in PowerAmp to tune out the heavy bass.
    Tuned 31, 62, 125 Hz lower, 4K, 8K, 16K higher ... that makes them almost flat (i think, also seen the graph posted above).
    !!UPDATE; NOT!! Once tuned in, i found it is very nice sound, even great! Very Detailed.   SEE UPDATE BELOW
    You can hear vibrations in detail (ex with cello, alt violin), you can hear the striker landing on the strings.
    On a bit of volume Hilary Hahn sounded out of this world... fantastic.
    The stronger, punchy bass makes that you can listen at low volumes and not miss the lows.
    They require a bit of push to get them loud (I have them on High Gain on the FIIO E18).
    I don't know if a regular phone would get enough volume for all users.
    Music used to listen and evaluate:
    Anne Bisson; Blue Mind
    Passenger; All the little lights
    Simon & Garfunkel; Greatest Hits
    Piano Guys; Hits Vol. 1
    Red Army Choir; Russian Favorites
    Vivaldi; Le Quattro Stagioni (Claudio Abbado)
    Keith Jarrett; The Köln Concert
    Hilary Hahn; Bach Partitas for Solo Violin
    Alf Linder; Cantate Domino (from propius)
    Armin Van Buuren; A State of Trance 2014
    Milk Inc; The Best Of
    That is all ...
    (if you have feedback, also on the Shure SE535 or other suggestions .... please let me know)

    *** UPDATE ***
    I've had the Pioneer DJE-2000 now for some weeks, as they truly disappoint me ... to the level I don't use them any more.
    The muted highs are almost unrecoverable, even using the EQ's I never get a nice bright, airy sound.
    Staying muted even with the EQ set to max for the mids and high's makes me dislike this product.
    I listen mostly to classical music with violin, harpsichord and trumpet and nothing is left of these instruments.
    I have used them on my Galaxy S5 + E18 and my Astell & Kern AK100 II, no avail ...
    So, I'm very sad to have spent 299€ on a pair of in-ears that do not meet my requirements.
    Maybe some people will like them (I hope so for Pioneer), but they are certainly not for me.
    My BeyerDynamic DT880, AK551 and B&O H3 do not need any settings changed on the AK100 II.
    The Pioneers are so muted for the highs even fiddling for hours with the EQ did not help.
    Sorry Pioneer ... I'll be looking to sell them, or get my money back if I can.
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    2. CasperBxl
      Just did a test for you ....   :)    ...

      Armin van Buuren, State of Trance 2014 ... Mix on disk 2.
      High Gain on E18 + Volume on 8, S5 (EQ OFF, so natural own bass of the JDE-2000) on max ...
      ZERO Deformation   :)
      Solid, precise bass, punchy    .... I think I'll hear that bass for the rest of the evening   :wink:
      Hope that can help,
      CasperBxl, Jun 26, 2014
    3. Tr1ppy
      Perfect! Thanks mate, hope you enjoy them!
      Tr1ppy, Jun 26, 2014
    4. CasperBxl
      Let me know how you get on with them .... always interesting to compare experiences.
      CasperBxl, Jun 26, 2014


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