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Sys Concept Inc - Toslink Mini 90-deg Precision Premium Cable

  • Short 90-deg Toslink to MiniPlug, Toslink to Toslink or MiniPlug to MiniPlug 2.2mm Jacket Optical Cable Super Polished on 0.3 micron film.
    Digital audio cables for iBasso, iRiver, Sonosax SX DA-2 DAC, HeadRoom Portable Micro Amp, Cio MB-1, SONY HI-MD MZ-RH1 and other equipment. NEW 1300-cores (strands) fibers cable, 2.2mm diameter jacket High Transmissivity Optical Digital Audio Cable will play 24 bits audio with a 192 kHz sample rate ( 24/192). Precision termination, polished on 0.3 micron film, for low loss connection.

Recent Reviews

  1. CasperBxl
    Nothing short of WAUW! Such a small but perfect product! Custom Fiber, Connectors and finish.
    Written by CasperBxl
    Published Nov 10, 2014
    Pros - Custom made, perfect finish and size .... strange to say, simply perfect
    Cons - none
    Well, not much to say, but it is perfect!
    Do you need a cable for your gear, contact them and they will see if they can help.
    Short, long or custom.
    Sys Concept delivers a very good customer guidance and service.
    Got my cable all the way to Belgium (from Canada) in 6 days.
          Joseph Kmiec
          Sys. Concept Inc.  http://www.sysconcept.ca
          p: 866-479-1270 / 780-479-1270 ext.55
          f: 780-471-5665 | GPG KeyID: 7B4A78C2

    I'll let the pictures speak for me this time.
      gerard14ph likes this.
    1. Insayn
      "WAUW" alone makes this a 10/10 review 
      Insayn, Nov 10, 2014


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