Philips SHE2550/98

General Information

Decent pair of earbuds, albeit with a weak mid range. Strong cord covered by a cotton rope with a very comfy design of the buds can also be sound appealing.

Latest reviews

Pros: Can be found extremely cheap
Cons: It's like sitting next to somebody wearing big open headphones and listening in
These provide nothing below the upper midrange besides a little one note thump that provides the impression of bass in much the way that plastic covered cardboard can look a bit like leather. Listening to these on a laptop and pulling the lead out changes nothing with the sound, bar making it a little quieter.
I've tried these with different phones and players, and the only one that could get some sense out of them was a player with class D amp, which presumably is something to do with the way they load an ordinary amp.
Looks and fit wise there's nothing too awry about them, but their large, useless drivers mean that they don't fit in my ears very well at all, not that they're worth the effort of placing there anyway.


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