PCM-M10 Portable Digital Recorder

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  1. THD plus N
    "Swiss knife of music"
    Pros - records and plays back, high sensitivity low-noise microphone pre-amp, fast and high resolution peak level display, separate mic and line input,
    Cons - slow limiter, requires careful recording level adjustment, no FLAC playback
    Hello out there, this is a recorder, yes, a digital recorder - not one of those midget-screen playback gimmicks. In the hands of the ambitious recording enthusiast, it turns to an universal tool, almost a Swiss knife, as it is well capable to record even with low-level output microphones, but it may also be fed with a line-in signal from any microphone on a mixer/preamp/phantom power supply, from an amplifier's recording port, from a reel-to-reel tape recorder or a cassette tape deck, from a phono preamp, etc...
    Sound quality is excellent, also in a home hi-fi setting when you take into account that this miniature marvel delivers 1,2 V from the headphone output and adjust the stereo amp accordingly.
    I have recorded classical music with it, solo piano music, string chamber music, orchestras, choir singers and military wind bands, all with high-quality stereo microphones, and recently a glass harmonica with the built-in microphones, digitized radio broadcasts and LP records, I am using it in my car, at my office desk, and I enjoy my ripped CDs with full resolution wave files.
    And it accepts ordinary and cheap AA batteries, does not require re-charging, will not suffer from battery aging, and is merely a very sober and clean tool than a overloaded toy.
  2. nekoni
    "basic recorder for an amateur"
    Pros - long battery lasting
    Cons - poor recoard quality
    own it, Very Good on the Battery, decent playback quality,
    but not so good on record unless if u r doing recording job in a small room.
    I would say go get this if u looking for a music player with the basic record function.
  3. nlhk
    "It accepts microSD card"
    I am using a SanDisk microSD card with it.
  4. LFF
    "When will Sony learn..."
    Pros - Decent sound quality.
    Cons - Everything else! Price, lacking features, etc
    This might seem like an attractive portable digital recorder BUT there are better options available. I would urge everyone to carefully consider the alternatives available as there are better recorders at this price point.
    The only positives I see about this recorder is the affordable price, the big screen, decent sound quality with external mics and 4GB internal memory. THAT'S IT!
    Battery life is fantastic...well...yes and no. It's long lasting if you record on the lower settings. On high resolution settings, you get about 6 hours or less of recording time. However, there are more cons to this recorder that make it a no deal for me, especially if you consider the other options available at similar price points. A lot of consumers feel this Sony, and it's bigger brother, the D-50, are the top of the heap but this is simply not true. While this recorder might fit the bill for some people (business execs recording meetings, news reporter doing indoor interviews, etc), it simply will be a rip-off for musicians and amateur recordists.
    If you are hell bent on buying this thing just know the following:
    1. The mics are extremely sensitive to wind noise.
    (the accessory to eliminate wind noise is pricey too!)
    2. No XLR inputs.
    3. The covers are flimsy - I almost broke one.
    4. Mediocre field recording quality mostly due to no. 1.
    5. The limiter doesn't prevent mic overload (and they overload easily).
    6. The mic's produce phase shifting which kills image localization.
    7. Does not come with a case!
    8. No overdubbing.
    9. Lacks many tracking options.
    EDIT: Apparently it does use Micro SD too! My friend who let me borrow it told me it only used Sony memory cards. Fixed my review and associated ratings! Thanks for the correction!
  5. red-classic
    "smart than D50"
    Advanced playback