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    HPRC 2400F case with Touch showing scale
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    Travel rig ready for use
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    Travel Rig as stored when carrying
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    Everything out of the case
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    Sony PCM-M10 pulled from case
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    Meier Stepdance and Sony PCM-M10 inside the case
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    Sony PCM-M10 > Milian Acoustics SPOFC interconnect cable > Meier Audio Corda Stepdance > Audez'e Audio Research Labs LCD-2 (and Case Logic TBC-304 Camera Case)
  16. ossomac

    Sony PCM-M10 [EU]

    Sony PCM-M10 - voice recorder from Sony, has the ability to play MP3 and Wave (24bit/96kHz), has a microSD card slot and reads up to 64GB cards, it is in perfect condition, purchased at Thomann with 3 year warranty (it is about 6 months old) - price 150 EUR   All prices include standard EU...
  17. kenman345

    FS: (Final Price Drop) Sony PCM-M10 24/96khz Recorder w/ Accessories (Original Packaging, Carrying Case, Wind Guard, etc...)

    DO NOT BOTHER PMing ME ABOUT A SALE IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN THE USA!!!  I have had many offers but have refused every sale because I will not ship outside the US   I bought this with the intent of recording my classes and after a full semester of that, I found myself not making use of the...
  18. velveteer

    WANTED: Sony PCM-M10

    Looking for a PCM-M10 to Toronto, Canada. Please PM me with details.   Thanks!
  19. janbeggebeen

    Sony PCM-m10

    as i was looking for a good pair of in ear phones with Jaben Hong Kong i stumbeled upon the Sony Pcm-M10. The guys from Jaben used it to demo their in ear monitors and buds. it actually is a sound recording device but it also plays back audio like no other device i have heard before. I prefer it...
  20. imorcer

    WTB: Sony PCM-M10

    Very interested in it. White preferred.   Please PM me if you want to sell it. Thanks!
  21. kskwerl

    Sony PCM-M10 player

    Great player with a great sigma-delta dac able to use 64gb microSD cards.   Some really really fantastic information in this thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/456327/sony-pcm-m10-as-portable-player   You pay shipping/paypal fees.
  22. Sylaw

    Using a Sony PCM-M10 Portable Digital Recorder for listening music??

    Hey guys...  since im going out to NZ next week, i thought of buying a digital recorder ( most of the times when im traveling , i used to compose my music using the guitar) ..  since Sony says it can record up to 24 bit 96Khz , cant i use it as my secondary on the go  gear??   im just wondering...
  23. qcshare

    Help: The packing box of PCM M10 looks like fake?

    Hi, guys, I just receive M10, but I'm not sitisfy with it! Because the packing box of Sony does not have a seal.  For Sony product, I have never met it like this. and also the packing box is so crudely made, The box looks like a fake one. Is it a legit one ??? Thanks,
  24. qcshare

    PCM M10 and earphones(SE530,IE8,TF10,ER-4P)

    which earphones is best choice? Thanks!
  25. wmacky

    New Sony M10 High Rez DAP waiting at my front door!

    Just deboxed it, and I'm stoked!  This is what a real audio player should look like instead of some wimpy hipster cellphone.  Instead of facebook ability, you get nice real  solid feeling play /pause / stop buttons, and slick VU record / play bar meters. Yeah! Great High Rez 24bit/ 96khz play...