ONKYO SD players mounted headphone amplifier DAC-HA300 (B)

General Information

Commodity Description ★ corresponding to the high-resolution · DSD5.6MHz native playback from microSD and USB Scalability rich high-quality headphone amplifier / SD Player ● portable headphone amplifier / SD players DAC-HA300 is, and users who want to now start a high-resolution, it is trying to serving a wide range of accommodation to advanced from the user, such as beginners who want to eliminate the two retention of portable players and portable amplifier cage you. Also for the corresponding format, corresponding to the native playback of up to DSD5.6MHz, we once and playback from when PCM conversion made it possible to enjoy without leaving the charm of a clear distinction DSD. Also in the functional surface, sound source of regeneration in the microSD card, of course, iOS and Android, PC and Mac, also corresponds to the connection between the digital input and output machine, we have achieved the scalability of the enhancement of the stationary machine just like. Hi-Res sound source, such as is equipped with a TI manufactured by Burr-Brown PCM1795 that adopt proven DAC part in a number of devices, such as flagship AV receiver also with respect to sound quality, the operational amplifier to adopt the New Japan Radio MUSES8920 that has been developed for high-end audio The generously put a high-quality parts for the charm exhausted try pleasure. While portable equipment to 600Ω high impedance headphones it was supported. Headphone amplifier of enhancement specifications to function and sound quality both will us to those of enhancement further your high-resolution life. ★★Adopt New Japan Radio MUSES8920 that has been developed for high-end audio to the operational amplifier


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