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Audio Technica Hi-Res headphone portable headphone ATH-SR9-JAPAN IMPORT

  • Product features ◆ A newly developed φ45 mm "True / Motion" high resolution audio driver dedicated to SR 9 that approaches the original sound with outstanding resolving power. ● High performance magnetic circuit adopting pure iron integral type yoke that bring out the driving force to the limit is installed. ● Audio signal is accurately transmitted by high purity 7N-OFC short bobbin wound voice coil. ● DLC coating that increases rigidity is applied, dramatically improving high frequency characteristics. ◆ By adopting the midpoint · mount technology, it reproduces a missing sound with high response. Adopting a new design in which the front and rear spaces of the diaphragm are uniform so as to fully demonstrate the performance of the driver within a limited housing space while minimizing the influence on the housing size. Furthermore, a damper dividing the front and rear spaces is arranged to optimize the propagation of unnecessary low frequency components. ◆ By screwing the hard aluminum housing, it effectively suppresses distortion caused by unnecessary vibration. I realized an ideal housing structure that is simple but also in detail. ◆ Adopted a fine and smooth aluminum slider that supports stable mounting. For the earpad, select special materials that evenly distribute the load on the head when headphones are attached. Provide a superb listening space with less stress. ◆ Adopting our proprietary exclusive audio design A2DC connector, removable double-sided cord type that emphasizes sound quality. Separate left and right audio signals and reduce crosstalk by transmitting. High amount of information such as high resolution sound source etc is also transmitted to the headphone with high accuracy. Removable connector / L-shaped plug sleeve adopts aluminum material to suppress minor vibration.


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