NuForce Icon Mobile headphone amplifier and USB DAC (red color)

General Information

The Nuforce Icon Mobile, along with its accessories, allows the user to obtain better sound quality from mobile music players, smart phones and personal computers. The Icon Mobile also serves as a rechargeable, high-performance headphone amplifier with adjustable gain or stand-alone USB DAC with support for Skype, Messenger or similar microphones. Desktop Applications: 1. Connected to a computer via USB, the Icon Mobile can drive a pair of active, i.e., powered, speakers. 2. The external 3.5mm stereo input, when inserted, takes precedence over the USB DAC. This function allows the user to listen to music from sources such as an iPod without having to disconnect the Icon Mobile from the computer. Mobile Applications: 1. Due to cost constrains or power consumption considerations, mobile devices such as an iPod or smart phone do not incorporate high-performance headphone amplifiers. The Icon Mobile's optional iPod connector permits the user to bypass the iPod's volume control. The compact, lightweight Icon Mobile, which can drive a variety of headphones, connects to these devices via 3.5mm stereo input.


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