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The Oxymoronic name “NOTBRAND” started out from being 2 people being too bored during lockdown and started to pull some shennangians. This name was initially just to signify that we don’t sell products, we just mod. And we were modding IEMs till the point where people actually appreciate and wants us to pursue something greater - to establish our own tuning in the market, and after 2 years of continuous R&D and inspirations from people around us, the first IEM from NOTBRAND is finally unveiled to the public .

Introducing :
The NOTBRAND : Pursuer of Emotions (Pursuer E for short)

Powered by a single 11.5mm Beryllium DD, this IEM is being pushed to the limit as to how much prowess a single dynamic driver can deliver.

Aided by a proprietary acoustic tuning that was inspired by a speaker setup, not only is the soundstage being tuned as wide as possible, but also to provide the best overtone possible to your listening experience.

Complementing the IEM, the cable was also specially curated for this specific configuration. Dubbed the NOTBRAND Soul, it is of a 4 core Pure silver + OFC Copper, giving this pair of IEM a slight boost in sub bass, while retaining the forwardness of everything else across the spectrum. With the metallic cable contrasted by our nightshade coloured connectors, makes this complete periphery stand out on its own.

The unit is priced at 600USD with 2 complementary sets of Spinfit Omni tips (sizes of your choosing, cannot duplicate size)

If there is any inquires please don’t hesitate to DM us on our Facebook page which is our main form of communication.

Latest reviews


New Head-Fier


- Impressive treble extension.
- Fast & snappy bassline.
- Great vocal transparency with good intonation.
- Expansive head-staging.
- Great layering & separation capabilities.
- Good imaging prowess.
- Highly resolving for a dynamic-driver.
- Good dynamic-range.
- Smooth yet engaging listen.
- Light-weight and comfortable in-ears.
- Doesn't need a ton of power to drive.

- No pressure build-up or driver flex Issue.
- High performance beryllium driver.
- A unique and collectable set.


- Lacking abit of sub-bass presence.
- Lean mid-range/vocals. Male vocals aren't the best.
- Could use with heftier note-weight.
- Not for treble sensitive ears.
- Potential fatigue on longer sessions.
- Echoes and reverb are not as prominent.
- Music ambience level are minimal.
- Very fussy on synergy (DAC/AMP & Tips)
- Unforgiving to low-fi source.
- Doesn't scale well on higher-volumes.
- Nozzle is on the short-side.
- Definitely not cheap.
- Doesn't have a premium build for a 600$ price-tag.

- Limited availability and demo unit.

1 ★ - Appalling! please avoid this!
2 ★★ Subpar offering, there are better options out there!
3 ★★★ Decent with some caveats! Not a bad pick!
4 ★★★★ Not perfect but solid choice ! This should be in your shortlist. A nice addition to your collection.
5 ★★★★★ One the best in class! You should go right ahead & buy one! A must have!



Depending on your pairings, it can go from neutral-bright to some kind of a bright mild V-shaped sound. Regardless, the treble with definitely sounds more prominent within the tri-frequency. The bass will have ever so slightly more presence over it's mid-range.

▓▒░ BASS/LOW-END ░▒▓
+ For a bass-lite set, it's a got tasteful amount of bass-boost to accompany its energetic treble. It’s more of a qualitative rather than quantitative bassline. The overall bass attack/transient is fast yet snappy. Quantity aside, its bass quality is very good. It's detail and layering are superb with excellent control.

+ The sub-bass presence is rather polite as it doesn't extend down low as you'd like. Still, it offers more than enough pressure and sustain to invoke those rumbling sensation. Sub-bass kick is pretty punchy enough while bass-drop is mostly clean and subtle. Bass distortion is surprisingly well retrieved.

+ Thankfully, the mid-bass is so much more rewarding to listen to. The transient is perhaps just a fast but, the attack pulls so much wider. You do feel the physicality on its attack. It's very punchy and thumpy. Yes, it doesn't hit big but it sure does hit deep and hard. It leaves a very satisfying impact without fatiguing your eardrums.

- The sub-bass roll-off is quite apparent on sub-bass focus tracks. The sub-bass rumble and boom just doesn’t have enough presence to performs well when it needs to be.

- Due to fast nature of its bassline, the sub-bass reverb isn’t the best in class which affects its perceived ambience level.

+ The mid-range/vocal is quite lean. It sounds like it’s got a low pinna-gain. The overall vocal placement is neither too forward nor recessed. The vocals have great clarity and transparency. The texture of voices pops with ease. They sounded crisp, airy and lively,

+ The vocals intonation are mostly well captured. The voices never seems to lack in terms of energy with acceptable sustain and decent reverb towards the end.

- All of that comes at the expends of fullness and richness. The lower harmonics just don’t provide enough warmth and body to the lower mid-range. Hence, there is a hint of dryness on vocal transient. Male vocals tend to suffer the most as they can sound a tad sharp or too thin. Still, on female it's more forgiving.
- In short, it is definitely not for vocal lovers whom prefer the lusher and fuller tonality.

- The instruments like piano, guitar, strings and wind. The initial hits are crisps but not much weight behind them, though the decay were decent for a fast pace transient.

+ The treble extension is uncanny. It is very impressive. It focuses more on mid-treble region. Being analytical, they sounded crisp and clear with minimal peaks & troughs. Air extension is good which give off that openness to the sound. It’s got none of that unwanted resonance with high sibilant tolerance.

+ Judging from a bright-tuning perspective, the treble is very well executed. The tonality isn’t too cold or overly bright to a point it becomes too dry or too hot. The treble is not too forward or too aggressive in the mix. Analogue instruments or be it synthetic noise such electronics doesn’t sound weightless. They have sufficient note-edge, bite and crispiness without sounding too harsh. It never gets grainy or hazy through the test. They sounded refine and define while threading on the line of being natural which can make a treble lover rejoice.

- Being a bright sets, hit-hats and cymbals will sound more to fore with a hint of tinny/metallic sheen to them. Percussions that live on higher octave like drum-hits can be a little intrusive on some tracks. Mercifully, they don't linger for too long, thanks to its precise treble decay. These minor flaws, to my experience could potentially cause fatigue in the long run.

- With a treble biased set like this, depending on tracks, the treble can bleed onto the lower-frequencies. That sensation of the treble masking the vocals and the bass might ruin your music experience a little. Since there is not much warmth and body to counter that treble presence.


+ For an IEM, it's got an open-sounding STAGE, it’s got a proper width and ample of head-room. Due to that less intimate presentation, it gives off a good sense of depth to the stage. The vocal appears centered and took a neutral approach without being too forward in positioning.

+ Thanks to the vast openness to the stage, its perceive LAYERING & SEPARATION prowess is commendable. It still has this dynamic-driver attribute where everything sits very closely to each other but it manages to go through busier tracks with great finesse and consistency without sounding congest or compress. It may not have the blackest of background, hence separated elements doesn't have the clearest of cut but by providing adequate spaces between them makes up for it.

+ The left to right IMAGING/INSTRUMENT PLACEMENT is accurate but not the sharpest I've heard. The transition between channel sounded smooth and clean.

+ The overall RESOLUTION & MICRO-DETAIL are definitely above average. It's high level treble performance truly helps in capturing nuances of your music. To my memory, not many dynamic-drivers can perform as well as the Pursuer. This level of resolving power is uncommon for a dynamic-driver. Truly one of the best I've heard. The downside it, it quite unforgiving to low-fi sources. Those bad recorded artifacts will be heard clearly.

+ The overall TONE & TIMBRE falls towards the hi-fi/digital side of the balance rather than analogue/organic. In a sense it can sound abit overly sharpened or too crispy vs the actual thing as it focuses more on being "Hi-Res", highlighting the surface of detail rather than the depth or emotions of your music. The lack of note-weight and reverberation somewhat takes away some of the naturalness of its timbre. However, since it is done by a “dynamic-driver” rather than “balance armature” driver, it far from sounding unnatural. To my ears it still possesses that organic-ness. Just not the most analogue sounding of the bunch.

+ Overall, it's DYNAMIC-RANGE is quite wide. Despite its fast transient, the attack never seems to leave that impression of its lacking impact. The elements of loud and soft are quite distinct. It is quite the fun experience even for a bright set.

+ SYNERGY wise, it is quite picky. It can sound very different on different source and tips. Pairing it with even brighter or more analytical DAC/AMP can bring detriment to its timbre even further. As for the tips, I'd recommend using the Tangzu Sancai BALANCED tips as it helps to mitigate some of the treble sharpness while improving it's vocal euphony.

+ Talk about VOLUME SCALING, it is not it's forte. It is best for low to mid volume listening. On higher volumes, the treble peaks will start to show up.

+ DRIVER QUALITY is certainly great with zero driver-flex issue.

+ Overall BUILD QUALITY is not the last word in craftmanship but it is not terrible either. You do notice some of the imperfections on those hand-poured resin shells upon inspection. It is not something you'd expect from a 600$ USD set. But to be fair, it didn't cause any discomfort or anything.
(Just for a heads up, I was told that the craftmanship will be improved overtime. As they're experimenting on different finishing and polishing methods)

So far It performs quite well for what it's trying to be. But how does it stacks against my old time favourites?



vs Thieaudio Elixir x Nicehck Black Cat 4.4 x Spinfit CP100 (M)

[ Score 5 ★★★★★ / Personal Enjoyment : 7/10]


- It is beautifully balanced. The bass, the mids, the treble sounds in a complete harmony. The added warmness to the lows makes it such a pleasant listen. (Yes, it is much more pleasant to listen to vs the Pursuer, it is more enjoyable? Depends.)

- The presence of sub-bass and mid-bass is spot on while offering good sense of detail and layering. Bass control on the other hand is done with finesse. None of that muddiness or boomy-ness is heard. (The Elixir bass will sound boomier. However, the Pursuer’s bass quality will exceed elixirs. It has better detailing, layering and more dynamic mid to upper bass presentation)

- The sub-bass extents well with good rumbling sustain and precise decay. It's mid-bass has a satisfying kick and thump without being too overwhelming.
(The Elixir has a greater sub-bass rumble and boom, but the Pursuers offers a more satisfying mid-bass thump, kick, punch and slam. It may not hit as big but it hits deeper and harder)

- Elements of reverb, echoes, overtones are done with great accuracy rather than emphasizing them to have that dream-like sensation like the O2 for e.g (The Pursuer came in 3rd when it comes to this aspect)

- The overall mid-range is on the intimate side. It has good balance between clarity and euphony.

- Male vocals reproduction is top-notch. They sounded lush, full-bodied with adequate transparency. Female vocal performance on the other hand is close behind which is no slouch.

(Pursuer vocals will have better micro-contrast by compromising its vocal fundamental body and warmth)

- The treble response on the Elixir is well define without being too forward in the mix. Air extension never seems to be lacking for what it’s going for. It carries just about the right amount of weight and brightness to run most genres.

- They sounded clear, clean with good level of refinement. None of that harshness or sharpness is heard.
(Pursuer will have better treble definition and bite but the Elixir will sound more natural with zero fatigue issue)

- Overall, instrument timbre on this is superb. In terms of attack/transient, sustain/body, reverb/decay and energy, it’s almost faultless. It is very accurate and natural at the same time. (Overall timbre on the Elixir is more natural and correct vs the Pursuer)

- Its left to right Imaging is average at best. Its head-stage dimension is not that impressive. It is not that wide while head-room and depth is decent for an intimate head-staging. (Pursuer will sound more open with better stage depth plus sharper left to right imaging)

- Instrument separation is pretty consistent. Vocal and instruments will have adequate spaces between them without sounding too crowded. (Elixir does it well but Pursuer is ahead of the game)

- It does scale with volume very well. (Due to the smoother response, the elixir scales much better than the Pursuer).

- Without a doubt, it possesses no major flaws. The Elixir is probably the safest pick of the 3.

- It achieves great balance between tech and tonality without breaking your wallet.

- Definitely "one the best all-rounder" single-DD I've heard.
(But I find the Pursuer to be more unique and collectable)

- Great value especially when you can get it on discount. (This is where perhaps, people will stop pursuing the Pursuer. For a 600USD, the Pursuer is a luxury item vs the humble 190USD Elixir)

- The shell is well-made, not that big and very comfortable to wear. (The Pursuer’s built quality is not as good as the Elixirs’ and the shell is bigger too)

- Higher octave female vocals can lack that last bit of extension; it doesn’t pull or scream or shout when it needs to be. It lacks abit of emotion at times. Just to nit-pick. (Not an issue with the Pursuer)

- Piano, Guitar and Violin has a more rounded edge to them. (You do notice this when A/B-ing with the Oxygen)

- Synthetic noise/electronic elements doesn’t really zings and shimmers as I'd like. Lacks that initial attack/bite despite having good sustain/body.

- A smidge of sibilance on some tracks but nothing too offensive.

- The stage dimension is average at best, not the most open I've heard.
(The stage dimension on the Pursuer is a league above)

- Not the most exciting sound, can get boring after a while. (Depending on your preference, the Pursuer might sound more special to you)

- Might want to pair with more vibrant/fun DAC/AMPs for added engagement. (At least it is not as source and tips picky as the Pursuer) (The Elixir require less power to drive vs the Pursuer)


vs The legendary, Tanchjim Oxygen (2020) x Nicehck Black Cat 4.4 x Acoustune AEX07 (L)
[ Score : 4 ½ ★★★★ / Personal Enjoyment : 7.5/10 ]

- Very warm & sweet bassline, the overall decay is on the slower and longer side giving it an old school vibe with a nice sense of reverberation on the overtone, enveloping your music experience. (The warmest of the 3) (The bass is more about the presence of warmth, body and reverb vs the quicker, colder, tighter, snappier, the more analytical Pursuer. The elixir sits in the between)

- It is sub-bass biased. It has good sustain and presence with acceptable attack on rumble and grumble. Ghetto bass has good bound & rebound rate. The mid-bass seems to carry the same demeanour as it doesn't hit as hard nor as deep as some of its competitor. It also tends to bleed onto the lower mid-range, giving a welcoming coloration on vocals and instruments. (The bass on the O2 is warmer yet bouncier than the Pursuer and the Elixir)

-The Oxygen is good at retrieving echo and reverb from room/ambience/vocals. (O2 has the best reverb effect of the 3)

- Both, male and female vocals have good level of energy and body with adequate transparency for a warm set. (The Pursuer vocals will sound more transparent but the O2 will sound sweeter, more emotional especially on female vocals. While, the Elixir is more transparent than the O2 but not as emotional as the Pursuer)

- Its vocal/instrument sounds very organic. The note sounds full and complete. It is so masterful at handling it's body, decay and energy. (The O2 has the best timbre of the 3, even better than its big brother, the PRISM)

- The piano replay on the O2 has such a lovely timbre, it sounds nigh realistic while guitars, violins, strings, flute are just as good. (The Pursuer can't quite match the O2's instrumental replay due to its lighter note weight and fast transient)

- The O2 treble definition is perhaps it’s weakest point as leans toward the darker side of the spectrum but it's got enough sparkle and air to play most genres. Electronic zings and shimmers have a nice ring to them. (Pursuer beats it in treble definition as it is brighter with better note edge. While the Elixir's treble performance is 2nd to Pursuer's).

- Dynamically, its gives listeners more than enough engagement and emotion to not sound boring. (O2 Sub-bass sounds bouncier and rumbles deeper while mid-range/vocal carries a bit more emotion. But, the Pursuer mid-bass attack is snappier and the treble has more bite for added engagement)


- It doesn’t have the tightest of bassline. The overall attack is on the soft-side. Meanwhile, the sub-bass and mid-bass doesn't have the clearest of layering. As a result, it can sound a tad loose on a fast pace track.
(There no denying that, the Pursuer bassline has better detail and control with zero sign of bleeding effect)

- The bass and vocal region doesn't have the best of separations. (Again, the Pursuer takes it)

- Some would deem it to have overly warm vocal reproduction. (Which is true but this makes the O2 sounds more organic than Pursuer)

- The treble could use with better extension and definition to achieve better balance of sound.

- There is a hint of graininess somewhere around the treble region. They’re very subtle but audible.

- The detail retrieval is average by todays standard.
(Especially on micro-detail, the Pursuer walks on O2)

- It’s layering and separation are not that great as everything tends to blend altogether. On busier tracks it will start to struggle. Especially, on those tracks that have constant cymbals and electric guitar mixing together, it will start to sound congest.

- The head-stage took on the more intimate and immersive route. As a result the stage-dimension is not the most grand or spacious but it offers a decent width and head-room with good depth.
(At the very least it sounds more spacious than the Elixir but falls short when comparing to the Pursuer)

- It can be abit too warm for some.

- With the wrong synergy it can sound muddy.
(Not the case with the Pursuer nor the Elixir)

- My friend's particular unit have driver-flex issue.

"The Oxygen still has one of the best timbre till this day. It still has it's charm. The way it carries the emotion of your music is so sweet. But it is abit too warm and sluggish at times. The Elixir on the other hand has achieve the best balance between tech and tonality. It is the best all-rounder and the safest pick of the 3 but it can sound abit boring after awhile. Meanwhile, the Pursuer is a treble set done right. The tuning is unique and special in its own way but it is eye-wateringly expensive."


I find myself loving the Pursuer more and more, the longer I listen to it. There is no denying that after 30mins or so my ears will face fatigue. But I truly did enjoy the pursuer on short blast. That treble performance is really something else. It is quite the departure vs the rest of the sets that I've own. I can see myself owning one in the not too distant future. I already missed it as I'm am editing this review right now. It is one of the very few treble-set that I can live with. And it is quite rare for a treble-sensitive folks like myself to say this. Bravo NOTBRAND! You've made one of a hell unique yet highly capable set. I just wish that it is not so expensive. ISH.

1: Trash (F)
2: Horrible (E)
3: Bad (D)
4: Subpar (C)
5: Decent/Average (B)
6: Good (A-)
7: Great (A)
8: Superb. (A+)
9: Masterclass/Top-Drawer (S)
10: Perfection (P)

NOTBRAND Pursuer [Single DD]

Tuning : Bright V
= Quality =
Bass: 7/10 Mids: 6/10 Treble: 7.5/10
Male/Female: 5/6
= Technicalities =
Detail & Resolve: 7.5/7.5
Instrument Replay/Timbre: 7/10
Dynamic-Range/Transient : 7.5/10
Head-stage [W-H-D]: 7-6-7
Layering & Separation: 7/10
Stereo Imaging 6/10
Ambience : 5/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Build/Comfort: 5/9
Value: 3/10 [AS TESTED]

Personal Enjoyment: 7.5/10
SETUP (As tested)
Stock SPCx OFC Cable 4.4 PLUG
Tangzu Sancai Balanced (M)
Tanchjim SPACE
Venture Electronics OTG

Thieaudio Elixir [Single DD]
Tuning : Warm-Neutral.
= Quality =
Bass: 7/10 Mids: 6.5/10 Treble: 6/10
Male/Female: 6.5/6.0
= Technicalities =
Detail & Resolve: 6/6
Instrument Replay/Timbre : 7.5/10
Dynamic-Range/Transient : 6.5/10
Head-stage [W-H-D]: 5-5-5
Layering & Separation: 6/10
Stereo Imaging 6/10
Ambience : 7/10
Cleanliness: 8/10
Build/Comfort: 7/9
Value: 8/10 [AS TESTED]

Personal Enjoyment: 7/10
SETUP (As tested)
NiceHCK Black Cat 4.4 PLUG
Spinfit CP100 (M)
Tanchjim SPACE
Venture Electronics OTG

Tanchjim Oxygen [Single DD]

Tuning : Warm-Harman.
= Quality =
Bass: 6/10 Mids: 7/10 Treble: 6/10
Male/Female: 6.0/6.5
= Technicalities =
Detail & Resolve: 5.5/5.5
Instrument Replay/Timbre : 8.0/10
Dynamic-Range/Transient : 6.0/10
Head-stage [W-H-D]: 5.5-5.5-6
Layering & Separation: 5.5/10
Stereo Imaging 6/10
Ambience : 8/10
Cleanliness: 7/10
Build/Comfort: 9/6
Value: 8/10 [AS TESTED]

Personal Enjoyment: 7.5/10
SETUP (As tested)
NiceHCK Black Cat 4.4 PLUG
Acoustune AEX07 (L)
Tanchjim SPACE
Venture Electronics OTG




Native FLAC Files [44.1Khz 16bits-96Khz 24bits]

Foobar2000 [ROG Laptop] [Ugreen USB C Adapter]
Huawei P20 PRO [Phone][ App- Foobar2000]



1977 Fleetwood Mac - Dreams
1982 Chicago – Hard to say I'm sorry.
2003 NARUTO Original Soundtrack I – Wakiagaru Toushi
2008 K.will (케이윌) – 소원 (Great King Sejong OST Part.1)
2009 Maksim – Exodus
2010 Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (OST) – Kokoro no Oku De Ha
2014 Grabbitz – Here with you now.
2014 Hyolyn – 안녕 Good bye
2015 KOKIAI Found You
2015 K MISSING KINGS (OST) - New Kings
2016 K RETURN OF KINGS (OST) - Return of Kings
2016 K RETURN OF KINGS (OST) - If you die.
2017 Berry Goodman – Zutto (ずっと)
2017 SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:mizuki – ViEW

2017 Namie Amuro – Hope
2019 K SEVEN STORIES (OST) - In Pursuit Of
2019 K SEVEN STORIES (OST) - Lost Small World
2019 Blade & Soul (OST) – Half-Moon Lake
2020 Paradox Live Opening Show (1st E.P) – BAE – BaNG!!!
2020 Paradox Live Opening Show (1st E.P) – cozmez – Where They At
2020 倖田來未 (Kumi Koda) – GET NAKED (Kiyoshi Sugo Remix)
2020 倖田來未 (Kumi Koda) – again (MATZ Remix)
2020 premiere fleurs – プリンシパル
2020 Love Live! Nijigasaki – 朝香果林 (Karin Asaka) – VIVID WORLD
2020 Fujii Kaze – へでもねーよ”/Hedemo Ne-YoSeishun Sick
2020 King Gnu – 三文小説 /Sanmon Shosetsu
2021 OWV – Fifth Season
2021 加藤 ミリヤ (Miliyah) feat. Yoshida Brothers – この夢が醒めるまで
2021 Aoi Teshima ただいま
2021 Official髭男dism – Cry Baby
2021 Chanmin BIJIN 美人 – Morning Mood
2021 門脇更紗 (Sarasa Kadowaki) – きれいだ
2021 Mirei Touyama – 美忘録
2021 SELECTION PROJECT Vol.1 – Only one yell -天沢灯ソロver.-
2022 Belle (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – Million Miles Away (ENG vers.)
2022 rei (E-girls) – Dark Hero.
2022 rei (E-girls) – IDNY
2022 I can fly (Special Edition) – Bleecker Chrome - You will shine
2022 I can fly (Special Edition) – YOSHIKI EZAKI x Bleecker Chrome - UP
2022 BEAST TAMER (OST) – じんわり感じている幸せ
2022 Ado – 会いたくて
2022 Ado – 踊
2023 La prière Sweet Dreams
2023 Bungou Stray Dogs 4th Season ED – Luck Life – しるし
2023 UMAMUSUME PRETTY DERBY - Hat on your Head!
2023 Anna – 花のように (Hana no You ni)
2023 riria. – 貴方の側に (Anata no Soba ni)
2024 Dungeon Meshi OP – BUMP OF CHICKEN – Sleep Walking Orchestra
2024 Ernie Zakri, Ade Govinda - Masing Masing
2024 Paradox Live THE ANIMATION OST25 幻影武雷管 - Trauma
2024 Bartender Kami no Glass OP – Takaya Kawasaki – Stardust Memory

2024 Maou no Ore ga Dorei Elf ED – Sayaka Yamamoto – Blue Star
2024 Spice and Wolf Merchant Meets the Wise Wolf OP – Hana Hope – Tabi no Yukue/ Destination of the journey
2024 Tonari no Youkai-san ED – Aoi Kubo – Iro no Naka (風媒花)

★ Main-Test-Tracks/ A glimpse of what listen to 90% of the of time.

Do take my words for what it’s worth. Afterall, I am just one man. ╮(╯▽╰)╭


- This is a loaner unit. Big thanks to the @
Ah Jeff and Wei Hangz from NOTBRAND, Penang-Tour, Malaysia (Facebook) for making this possible!
Non-Affiliate Link:


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