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Hammo is specially designed for the high end music fans who pursue quality as well as stylish...

Noontec HAMMO Stereo Headphones

  • Hammo is specially designed for the high end music fans who pursue quality as well as stylish appearance. Noontec's unique SCCB sound technology together with acoustic master's professional tune brings Hammo Hi-fi level's sound performance. High sensitive cable control microphone is applicable for most popular mobile phones.

Recent Reviews

  1. BenSC
    Best Portable / Stylish Headphones Under $200
    Written by BenSC
    Published Sep 3, 2014
    Pros - Great sound quality, great comfort, nicley designed
    Cons - Small crack in headband after 2 months of heavy use. Rough adjustment mechanism after 2 months.
    This is a review of the Noontec Hammo Over Ear Headphones. These are high end stereo headphones, aimed at people who listen to music often, especially while on the go. The Noontec Hammo’s have high quality 50mm drivers, a detachable cable and a hard carrying case. However, with all these features, the big question is can Noontec make music enthusiasts and audiophiles pay $100 for a relatively unknown headphone?
    What’s In The Box
    The Noontec Hammo’s ship in a clean, simple white box with a few product images and some specifications. Inside the box are the headphones, an audio cable, and an instruction manual all held tightly in a protective ‘egg’ carrying case.
    Headphone Design
    Now on to the headphones. The Noontec Hammos are a combination of mostly plastic, with touches of aluminium. My particular headphones are black with silver and red highlights, however you can get them in white, red or blue as well. The design is very similar to beats studio’s, however they are better constructed. The padding on the headband and ear cups is very deep and soft, and is very soft. The adjustable band is made out of aluminium and plastic, and has numbers engraved into it so that you can remember what size is your favourite. Over all, the headphones are very good looking, and are very well built. The included cord with remote and mic is also great.
    These headphones are possibly the most comfortable headphones I have ever tried in my life, and I have tried a lot of headphones. The padding is deep and soft on both the ear cups and the headband. The ear cups can swivel left, right, up and down which allows for a perfect fit on everybody. After wearing these for hours, I have not felt any discomfort. These are literally like wearing nothing - thats how comfy they are. They grip tight enough around your head so they wont fall off, but not too tight. The ear cups are small however - so if you have massive ears these might not be for you.
    They also isolate noises around you very well by using passive noise isolation. They are not the most noise isolating headphones out there, but they do a great job.
    Sound quality
    The most important part of a headphone for me is the quality of its sound - and these absolutely blew me away in that area. These things sound amazing. Treble is crisp and tight, but without being too sharp. Mids are very well represented, with plenty of definition in voices and instruments. Bass quite deep and tight, without being overpowering. These have almost as good bass response as V-Moda’s highest end headphone. These things brought new life to my entire iTunes library.
    I was so impressed with the sound quality that I took these things to my local JB HiFi and compared them to EVERY headphone they had on display - all the way up to $400 dollar headphones and these sounded better than all of them with the exception of the Bowers & Wilkins P7 and Sennheiser Momentums.
    These even sounded way way way better than the latest Beats Pro’s; which cost $500.
    these headphones come with a sticker over the drivers which you have to remove - otherwise they sound crap. don't know why there is a sticker there, i guess it was just a mistake at the factory.
    These headphones are well built, look great, are incredibly comfortable and sound amazing. For $100, they are amazing value. If I didn't know how much these things cost, I would guess they cost about $200. They don't sound quite as good as similarly priced V-Moda Crossfade LP’s or Audio Technica M100’s, but they are still amazing. If you want a sub $100 pair of headphones for everyday music listening, these may be the ones for you.


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