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Nick Cannon brought his NCredible ideas to Monster to create this slick, on-ear headphone that lets you hear your music like you've never heard it before. Details pop. Bass booms. And Monster's advanced technology keeps it distortion free, no matter how loud you blast it. Nothing motivates you like music, and this is music the way it's meant to be.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Good sound; bass-heavy but not too imposing; comfortable, in-line mic, thick cord
Cons: Not attractive; stick out way too far and look "blingy"
So, first off, I saw these on sale in Target for around $40 so they were an impulse buy. I think they originally retailed for a lot more, but I'm guessing you can get as good (if not better) quality on-ear headphones for the $150 asking price. But, heck, for $40 they were worth a shot.
Now, the sound quality of these is pretty good. They seem quite bass-heavy like Beats, but definitely not as bad or overpowering as those. They're actually quite balanced and after a bit of burn-in they've improved, but I'd still prefer a bit more sparkle at the top end (sorry - I'm not audiophile/expert so forgive my terminology). I've used Sennheiser headphones before which offer a more balanced sound, but without the thudding bass. The Monster NTune are also very comfortable with a memory foam headband and they don't pinch, resting nicely on the ears with no pain. They have an in-line mic for mobile use (it's just a single button affair) and the cord is thick and rubbery and can be detached. It only attaches to one side, so that's convenient.
But here's the thing: they're just not that pretty. The shiny, blingy "spinny rim" look made me feel very self-conscious when walking the streets and they also stick out a long, long way, so I resembled the Katamari guy in that old video game. I really wish they were a little more subtle, because for mobile use these are comfortable and sound good. As vain/stupid as it sounds, I just can't deal with the shiny plastic and red/silver accents, which is a shame. They're clearly youth-oriented, and that's cool, but just beware of that if you buy 'em.
So, instead, they've become my at-work headphones and the convenient mic means I can use them for Skyping. They work well for just general music use listening to tunes off my Mac and are comfortable to wear for long periods.
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when i place the cups further back on the ears, the clarity improved, less boomy...for 40bucks its a great wheeler...
sports rims on the ears..:p
thats what I do when I wear my friends. I dont like them that much though. I prefer my $50 S500's


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