Nakamichi NK850 "Precision Sound"

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A (very plastic) budget supra-aural headphone, available at Sears and Kmart.

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100+ Head-Fier
Pros: Lightweight. Fairly Comfortable. Comes in Bright Primary Colors.
Cons: Sound. Build Quality.
Sears had a large clearance sale on Nakamichi audio this past weekend. As I needed an excuse to get out of the house following the Alberta Clipper that just hit Chicago, I purchased around $18.00 worth of clearance headphones at my local Sears for in-store pickup. At steep discounted rates, $18 was eight (8) headphones; three of them were the Nakamichi KN850 Fashion Headphone in Blue, Green, and Black. These are my subjective impressions of this particular model. As always, YMMV, etc. etc. 
I opened these headphones up this afternoon. The headphones are very light and are very comfortable. However, because of the way that the cups articulate and the shape of the pads, they create a poor-to-non-existent seal on the wearer's ears. The pads are made out of a low quality plastic, perforated with vents, which covers padding of indeterminate composition. The pads are removable. I do not believe that pad rolling these headphones would provide any discernible benefit. The driver housing can be opened and these headphones could be modded. I do not believe that these headphones would benefit from extensive modding. Unlike many headphones I've listened to as of late (read: good headphones), these thankfully did not require an extended audition to describe their sound quality. I can sum it up as such:
Imagine a how a good pair of headphones sounds. Next, imagine a tin can telephone. Finally, imagine listening to the aforementioned good pair of headphones through the tin can telephone. I think you have it.  
Extensive distortion, next to no detail extraction, muddy/bloated "single note" low end, no high treble information, and the entire audible spectrum muddled as though trying to listen through a wool hat...yes, somehow the Nakamichi NK850 were a poor value even at $1.98. For that price, you could get of a 1/5th of a Koss KSC-75. 
To close, my cat is chewing on the flat, non-detachable cable of these headphones as I write this final sentence. I do not intend to stop him. 
That Title..
What a tragedy that the name Nakamichi has been sold down the river like this - it used to mean the most magnificent cassette players imaginable - and other fine high end gear. Now I fully expect to see Nakamichi ultra-soft toilet paper next to the Charmin soon.
I'm glad people are getting a laugh out of this. (Review working as intended!) I have three more different models in house right now. After I'm done with them all, I'm going to donate most/all of them somewhere local - probably to my department's audio closet so that our students have some cheap disposable headphones that we don't have to worry about them breaking or returning. 
And definitely Ivabign. I remember how well regarded the brand was while I was growing up. It's sad to see the brand post-bankruptcy being used to sell variable quality rebrands and knock offs. 


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