Nakamichi Fashion Headphones NK890 AFRIC

General Information

Change is a constant. Inspired by the seasonal runways and vibrant streets of New York City, one of the world's largest fashion centers, the rebirth of Nakamichi's fashion series was inevitable. Staying true to its roots, the NK890s aren't just another headphone but an extension of your personality.

Fresh Just got Fresher. Available in a pop neon colorway, you can flaunt your true colors without having to say a word. The renovated housing produces a seductive cube-like silhouette around the ears while encasing the 40mm speakers. The speakers produce strong punchy bass notes, powerful supporting lows, smooth lactating mids and precise crystal highs.

For the active individual, sited on the flat cable is a nifty control capsule encompassing a single Play/Pause/Forward/Back button and microphone for hands-free calls. Unique to Nakamichi's Fashion series is the signature metal skeletal frame, which allows for ergonomic packing when not slung around your neck. The stainless brushed finish in anodized aluminum guarantees you'll stand out from the crowd.


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