NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Noise-Isolating Over-Ear Headphones

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Audiophile-grade for Over 40 YearsNAD VISO is the culmination of more than 40 years of dedicated audio innovation. Designed and driven by audiophiles, the NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones are made specifically for digital natives who understand the difference that clean, crisp sound makes to music lovers. Because we don't care about your lifestyle. We care about your ears.RoomFeelTMCreated to translate the warm, open sound of live performance directly into your private headphone experience. Countless hours were spent in one of North America's most sophisticated audio labs in the research and development of RoomFeelTM technology, discovering a way to add back to the recording without altering the audio signal. The result is true headphone innovation that lets you sense the music around you, feel every beat, and hear a more open soundstage.Apple ControlTake full control of your music with a simple touch of the 3-button multi-click remote. Compatible with all devices' headphone output, iTunes music and full-featured call functionality is also right at your fingertips; play/pause, skip track, previous track, fast-forward, pause, skip, make and answer calls. It also includes a high quality inline mic for crystal-clear voice-calling and device control with Siri-compatible devices.Science-Driven SoundFine-tuned with precision inside one of the quietest places on earth, with an expert team of sound scientists, the HP50s deliver the most advanced headphone technology for today's detai

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500+ Head-Fier
Pros: fantastic sound - mostly neutral with some emphasis in mid bass for a more punchy sound, great isolation, great accessories and case, ear cups rotate so it stores flat, removable cable can be used on either side
Cons: 2 versions of headphone - old version is very square looking and 'creaks' more, pleather on pads is not durable at all, comfort issues if you have anything but small ears,
These headphones have the perfect sound signature IMO. Mostly Neutral with some emphasis in the right places to liven up the sound (in the mid bass). Compared to my Sennheiser HD600s, the NAD Viso HP50 I think are better sounding for all subgenres of electronic music, hip-hop, and metal. The bass is punchier and has better extension. And the HP50's are closed, which makes them way more useful than open headphones for me. It comes with a nice zippered carrying bag and lots of accesories like 2 diffent cables, one with and one without a microphone.

Their are a few downsides though.
  • The ear cups are small and so they can be uncomfortable unless you have small ears. If you have ears like Barack Obama, you're gonna have problems. There are some mods you can do to alleviate this (by adding foam weather stripping underneath the pads), but be careful to not damage the serial number if you have the warranty available.
  • The 'creak' from plastic-on-plastic friction in the ear cups. You can again alleviate this with mods (lubricating the hinge adding felt etc. to the inside where it rubs against the housing). This is a much bigger problem on the early version of the headphone compared to the other
  • The pleather on the ear pads almost immediately starts flaking off (see attached picture). This is mostly aesthetic since underneath the pleather is just a weaved textile material.
  • They aren't very durable. The cable that connects left and right drivers can inexplicably break. This happened on the early version of the headphone so maybe they fixed it.
  • The early version looks especially goofy with its more 'square' headband (see picture)


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they made a revision thats rounder? and this went completely under the radar :scream:
yeah you can see a continuation of this design with the HP70's.


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Sound Quality. Very pretty, comes in nice box with accessories.
Cons: Comfort.
It's been over a year since I last wrote a review here on Head-Fi. This is because few headphones that i've owned since then have impressed me lol. I had my eyes on the NAD HP50's for a couple of years now and finally decided to purchase a pair this november (2016).  I was aware that NAD made higher-end audio equipment and it's safe to say that the HP50's reflect this. I always use the excellent Oehlbach XXL DAC ULTRA headphone amp to test new headphones with and that is what I used for the HP50's. I gotta say they are terrific value for money!... clean, crisp highs, smooth mids and very accurate bass. Maybe too accurate bass!..upon my first listen I thought - "where is the bass"...but after a while I realised that it was recording-dependant. Which I like...but if you are a basshead then you will probably hate these headphones. If I where to compare them to another headphone in the same price category i'd say they where quite similar to B&O H6's. They have a similar sound signature except the  H6's have a bit more bass. The HP50's are better value and they sound better, overall IMO. The only negative thing about the HP50's is the comfort. The earpads are too small! and I don't have large ears...I'm not the only one who has comfort issues with these headphones, many people do. However, It's the only negative thing. The HP50's are exceptional headphones. 9/10 for me!


500+ Head-Fier
Pros: Wonderful mids, decent bass and non-fatiguing highs. Sound output from these is hard to fault.
Cons: Awkward looks, small opening in the pads, cheap looking plastic cups, noise from adjustment mechanism
The NAD VISO HP50 could have been a truly outstanding headphone.  They produced a set with great sound, with a marvelous midrange, bass when it is called for in the music and highs that do not sound shrill, glaring or in any way harsh to the ear.  And for a closed back headphone, it has decent sound stage, though I don't think the "Room Sound" technology is superior to that of open back headphones I've tried in the same price range, or even some open backed headphones that are much less expensive.
If anyone has seen the review from the Wirecutter that said these headphones couldn't reproduce sound under 90hz, I can tell you that is a load of horse****.  Going to the online tone generator, I was able to hear tones from 90hz on down to 20hz, though with the 20hz tone, you feel it as much as hear it with these headphones.
No, the problems with the VISO HP50 is its physical design, and choice of materials.  The plastic cups look and feel cheap, and their glossy surface does nothing to dispel this impression.  The hinge on the cups has horizontal slop that I'm afraid will only get worse with use.  Though the headband adjustment stays in place where you put it, it also has slight popping or creaking noises that transmit directly into the cup and will annoy you if you move around very much. 
And now on to the pads.  There is no space within the pads for average to larger than average sized ears, so these headphones are more like an on-ear design for me.  The material used in the pads is soft and makes a good seal, there is very good isolation with these headphones, but the pads squash down with use and you'll be pressed against the material covering the driver in no time, since there isn't much space in there.
I left the worst part for the end, the look of the headphone.  While its on a stand, its tolerable.  While being worn, it looks ridiculous.  Truly, you look like you've attached a handle to the top of your head.
I have a difficult time recommending these to anyone, just because of the deficiencies in the build, but I have no issues with their sound, and use them when I want a more discerning presentation than my other sets.
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Nice review. I have been close on numerous occasions to buying these when looking at closed full-size cans, especially at the $180sh price for warranteed demos I've seen. Just never pulled the trigger. Will probably eventually pick some up used at around the $100 mark. Thanx for the effort. Cheers.
These are good headphones, especially when traveling.  They're not closed or noise cancelling, but they do a nice job of blocking out airplane sounds.  Another big plus is you don't need an amplifier - they work great out of any headphone jack - computers, ipod's, phones.  It's not picky and it's easy to drive.  


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