Musical Paradise MP-301

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6V6 vacuum tube Mini Amplifier with Headphone Output

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Pros: Size, Price, Sound
Cons: None so far
This is my first tube amp, I bought it for headphone use but hooked up some JBL's and I'm loving the sound. Great value!!!!
This value priced amp is my first tube amp and I have to say I've been very pleased with it, even driving AKG k701 headphones. It's largely cured me of my upgradeitis. I'm a mid-fi buyer who found that the portable solid-state amps I'd tried lent a graininess to vocals and often scooped out the mids. This amp overcame these problems. What it lacks, though – and what I occasionally miss – is the slight "edge" that solid state amps can add to music and extension at the very high end.
In general, I'd say the MP-301 is a fun amp that makes vocals, jazz, and most acoustic music sound more organic and that I enjoy for hours daily. 
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Pros: I love this little amp, have rolled some tubes, sounds great
I had some hiss when turning up the volume, called Gary at Musical Paradise and he gave me some new tubes at no charge, great service. They are located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Gary said the Musical Paradise products are designed in Edmonton and built in China. It's hard to beat this little unit for the price.
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