Monster® Diesel Vektr On-Ear Headphones

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Vektr super-light, ultra-performance headphones are a groundbreaking collaboration between legendary Italian fashion designer, Diesel, and Monster. A scientifically backed assault on your senses, these Diesel Noise Division phones change the way you listen to music and even your perception of sound itself. There's no other headphone on the market that captures the international flair and glistening excitement of its startling multi-planar, tri-fold design. And thanks to Monster's advanced technological expertise, it sounds as exciting as it looks with crystal clear highs, accurate mids and stunning bass.

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New Head-Fier
Pros: Gorgeous Stealth Bomber Look, Nice tight Bass, Crisp and Clear highs (no piercing or distortion here).
Cons: Poor Mids
While these headphones deliver a very nice tight bass and crispy clear highs, I cannot recommend these to any of you looking for a good balanced audio experience. However if you are someone who is a fan of bass heavy music or music with powerful highs (such as EDM), then I recommend you take a listen to these. I cannot justify these for their $300 price tag on Monster's website either. However at the price I got them ($89 at Frys, Christmas special) they check nearly every box I have when looking for a headphone.
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